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Because you asked for it... lol

big Neil

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Hi Bob. As per your request here are a few pots that have been made recently I seldom miss the opportunity to show off my pottery as I believe it is ok to proudly show your talents to others. Making pottery is more than just a hobby to me. It provides me with a purpose, keeps me busy, and stimulates my creativity... It is also very handy when there is no water in the river.

A pair of Terracotta planters


Large bowl with altered rim


Decorative salad bowl


Bonsai pot


Large salad bowl for an Italian client


Large bowl with cobalt chattered surface


A planter and tray filled with Australian succulents


Hope you like them Bob.



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18 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

Multi talented @big Neil.

Have you ever tried to achieve a Murray Cod mottling effect?

Not yet Mike but I may do now that you mention it. Cheers mate, bn

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Brilliant work Neil, love not only the form, but the function of your work. Julie and I use your bowls, plates (garlic pot) daily.  
Keep well my friend. 

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