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Botany Bay 30/01


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We were on the bait grounds by 5am & the yakkas were very accommodating by 5.30 we had all the livies we needed so we ambled around to Molineaux point & anchored right on the point, we stayed there for an hour with out a touch we had noticed that there were some kings busting up occasionally further down the wall so we went for a look see. We threw various lures at them for a nil result then they just went, back over to the point we anchored in a different spot & got a couple of livies out & a couple of bream baits as well it wasn’t long before the bream baits were being molested, first fish in was a nice bream of 27cm not long after his twin was also in the bin then a couple of solid blurters joined the party, we got a couple of hit on the livies but no hook ups then Mick landed a solid bream of 37cm as the tide slowed the bite started to heat up with kings & blurters belting lightly weighted or unweighted baits drifted down the burly trail the kings ranged in size from 50cm to 65cm & the blurters from 30 to 35cm all the fish were caught on light tackle 2 & 4 kg we hooked a dozen kings loosing half, released 3 kept 3 caught 20 odd trevally keeping 8 also got a good sized jacket & flounder. The bay was at its splendid best to both fish & weather wise I don’t know why I bother fishing elsewhere. :thumbup:


37cm bream


feisty little king


Micks best king


My best king

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Awsome stuff Chris

Now thats a nice day on the bay I should have gone with inked this morning but the missus is going over seas so we had a good bye party instead. Its also good to know that the trevs are back in numbers. Im gonna have to dust off the bass minow jig next time I can bum a ride.

I cant wait to read the next one.

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Awsome stuff Chris

Now thats a nice day on the bay I should have gone with inked this morning

yup :05:

i didn't head out ( no one to go with hahahaha), instead ****ed around the house all day sweating my arse off.

ah well

next time mate

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:1worthy: top day chris.

crazed and i got a late start and trolled outside for a doughnut then bottom bashed wide of cronulla for a few nice lizards that were later set free in an unplanned mass release.

looks like i'm going to have to pack away the trolling gear and join the masses at molli.

good to see your back fishing your home patch again :1prop:

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