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Success at a new blackfish spot - Brighton le sands

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Went out today with @ireallylovefishies22, @eaglesilk5 and @Kidney4420 at Brighton Le sands beach.

Started the day at 10:30 flicking lures for flathead until we reached the groynes.

With no bites, we quickly sent out some cabbage baits for luderick at the northernmost groyne.

The downs were short and fast, and we missed quite a few, but pulled up some small fish (around 25cm). There must have been a school of small ones there.

Moved south to the next groyne and I landed a 31 and 34cm luderick, stoked that we had caught fish at this new spot.

Moved again for the final time to the next groyne as it was getting pretty slow. This one had potential, it was fairly deeper than the others, and we saw a few bruisers swimming around.
@eaglesilk5 started off with a fat 38cm blackfish and lost one afterwards. @ireallylovefishies22 pulled up 2 solid blackfish as well, with I catching one more.

As I suddenly found myself snagged however, tragedy struck. As the line suddenly broke, my float was floating freely from the mortal chains of my rig. As I watched the float drift into the horizon, I couldn't help but feel a tear well in my eye. It was the end of a long and trusted friendship, marking a new beginning in my fishing endeavours. And although the loss of my prized possession bought me great sadness, I knew  there was nothing that I could do. It was gone.

@eaglesilk5 flicked lures for a bit and hooked onto the first flatty for the day, going 37cm and coming home for the table.

Overall, we were stoked with a very nice session, especially for trying out a new spot.
One of the luds


The final bag

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An excellent report 44jeff, some nice fish to eat on top of a productive session. Great that you get out with some friends for some beach fishing.

Plenty of info gathered for your future use too.

Cheers, bn

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Why buy floats when you can make them for free!?

Im in the middle of making two new ones! 

Simply get a Chinese takeaway chopstick, and split it. Then drill a hole in an old cork. Position the cork on the chopstick, get a safety pin and snip off the pin tip and clasp, then glue the safety pin on to the chopstick with some super glue. Do some quick binding wraps for the colours, or use paint then apply some epoxy if you want the float to last forever. Done. The whole process takes about 45mins to an hour. Good fun, for when the weather or fishing is poor. I didn't do the wrapping of colours in the exact traditional format but I'm just trying something new.

Edit: forgot to mention, if you put the cork on the chopstick then into a cordless drill, use some sandpaper to get the cork shaped too suit.


Below is an updated photo, the float on the right, is a more traditional style/colour scheme. All that is left is an epoxy resin coating.


Anyway, just my 2 cents.



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