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Deck Wash

Brown Hornet

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B.H. I have a deck wash as part of the live bait setup , had it fitted when I purchased the boat , can't recall the actual cost but if I were to do it my self now would see change out of $50.00.

The pump for the LBT is a Rule 360. I find this is more than adequate provided your not looking for pressure similiar to the garden hose at home

The set up , main hose runs from the pump to inside the boat , a tee piece is fitted which provides the off take for the DW. Continuning on the main line a tap has been fitted which directs water to the DW or LBT. The hose then continues the the LBT inlet.

The off take mentiond above has a hose fitted , length is up to you , then near the end a small inline tap to control or stop the flow should it be needed. A further 6" or so along is the fitting for the hand gun.

The DW also doubles for a supply of water to the bait board for wash down or when cleaning fish .

I have photo's if interested but they are at home so unable to add until this evening

Let me know if there are any further questions



Note. The water flow is regulated by the small tap just to the right of the blue fitting. In this photo it is set at approx 30%


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My Shurflow is going ok

Intake MUST be filtered and an accumulator is a good idea,

I only use mine for Deck wash, not as a combined deck wash live well pump

be careful if you head down that route as most deckwash pumps are not rated for continuous use

Go Stainless for the pickup if you can

I bought mine as a kit, pump, hose and filter from the states through Ebay, for about 220 US inc surface ship and got the accumulator and hoses and fittings from whitworths

then fitted it myself, mounted pump close to second battery in stern and used a bosch relay from a auto shop(for spotlights) to wire it in so I wasnt running a long wire with 10-15 amps running through it.

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