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The Curse Is Broken!

Guest Jewel

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Due to Fishrunner doing his birthday thing and a need to get Brettoes onto some fish so that he didnt slit his wrists or worse, a day out of the harbour chasing everybodys favorite the Kingie was organised.

Brett had seen the pics and heard the stories of our last couple of trips and was more than keen for a piece of it, so the boat was dropped in at Roseville on sunday and out we blasted.

On arriving at the spot the sea was a little sloppy but better than it had been, so gear was sorted and deployed.

This led to me straightening a jig hook on the 3rd cast and Brett getting more than a little whipped up!

A few dropped fish on both sides and Brett has decided that the 6kg threadline Ive lent him wasnt what he wanted to use................... hes picked up his 4kg outfit!!!!

Im thinking this a little light but its going to be fun, well how much can you wring out of



LOTS aparently!!

This was the start of a very tidy little session with close to 20 kings hitting the deck (best 62cm, smallest 55cm) and just for something different one had a tag in it.

post-654-1138621185_thumb.jpg post-654-1138621274_thumb.jpg


more bream than I will give a number to for fear of being accused of lying!!! a few trevally and what I believe to be a juvvie Samson fish


Yet again another cracker of a day out!

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Nothing wrong with the freshwater stuff mate........... I got a 2kg wild brown that still stands out as one of my best fishing experiences!

The best thing about the salt though is its never as cold as those bloody trout streams!!!!!

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Guest fishrunner

Nice pic's there Jewel :thumbup: ,

No pics of you?, didn't you get any :074::074:

Well done on the day out there guy's, I was at a lookout at hawkesbury enjoying breaky with thoughts of anguish over how you're morning was probably going zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...pop! :1wallbash:

Congrats Brett, bout time you deserve it, finally the boat is free :banana:


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That's it Jewel,

find me a cliff to jump off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Kings? :1yikes::1yikes::1yikes:

You are on fire and I'm so jealous I won't piss on you to put you OUT!

Well done mate, that's a fantastic story from a fantastic day out.

Leave the Harbour, the Bay and Pittwater to us and the commercial guys can go out wide I say.

Go you good thing!



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What a top day on the water! :thumbup:

I'd be happy to hook up on one kingfish let alone 20 in a day, nevermind the rest of the species you guys got onto as well.

I'm assuming by the look of the baitboard in some of the pics, that you both used baits on the kings?

Anyway, a great report guys, hope you keep the run of good sessions going. :biggrin2:



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The bream this time were much smaller averaging around 35cm with the largest being 38cm.

We were in fairly close in 30 feet of water and yes we were using bait as well as plastics!

There was no live bait on board just a block of humble pilchards. 5 inch jerk baits seem to work quite well as do most plastics in that size range.

The buggers are out there in good numbers guys, just get back to basics and a few should come your way.

The light gear also makes a difference, sure you lose a few, but its better to lose them than not hook them in the first place!

Just for your info Im using a Shimano Dam Raider with a Curado 200 spooled with 6kg fireline and a 10kg leader. So really most folks flattie gear should be up to the task. You will work hard to get the buggers in but its far from impossible!

Just remember to catch em you gotta think like em!!!!!

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what a day,probably the best ive had on the water with nearly everycast getting onto something worth while,bream kings trevs and all the rest.the dreaded banana curse has been lifted from the boat-i think its my camera,didnt take it the time before and got dollys and big salmon and this time its twenty kings.i think i wont be taking it next time just to be sure. thanks again mick for the good day. :biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2:

and swearing at kingies seams to help turn ther heads towards the boat when there going for a big run as well. :mad3:

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Great report lads, nice haul, I reckon a cold beer would have just been the cherry on top at the end of that sesh..

If you feel like sharing a few tips what sort of SP's were you guys using...5" shads??

Great stuff, good for you..

Cheers Wayne

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Great report guys and I'm almost certain that's not a juvenile samson fish! Have caught several in Sydney and they don't have the distinct marking across the eyes as in your pic and are more "trevally' shaped and less "fat kingie" shaped as in your fish. Might actually be a juvenile almaco jack (spelling), or a long finned amberjack or something similar, either way a much rarer capture in Sydney than a baby samson so damn well done!! Bombie

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