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Broken Bay 29th


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Originally was going to go out with a mate and his Brother in Law to have a downrig for kings, but they got the weights put on for a family picnic so the plan was changed to an short early session with them in Daves boat and me in mine and I organised another deckie.

Got out to West head about 6 ish and berleyed up a cloud of Yakkas and Slimies, had 3 slimies and 5 yakkas in the tank when Dave showed up in his boat "Cheese Machine" ( Yep there's a story there).

Grabbed a few more livies and then rafted up to transfer my rodholder mount downrigger to Daves boat and a quick briefing on rigging and tactics.

Headed around to SE corner Barrenjoey, it was a bit like Pitt St with a bunch of boats, drifting and Anchored.

Dave and Jon trolled for about 5 mins and got a nice King about 62cm. :biggrin2:

Heh Heh so much for all that, "shit this stuff wont work" attitude another kingie cherry popped. :thumbup:

We trolled around for another 40 mins or so and hadnt had a hit so we decamped and went down to fish along the rocks at North whale.

We got three down there, 1 keeper for my mate, funnily enough all on the free swimming livie that we were trolling with just a 3 inch barrel sinker on the line ahead of the trace. No fish on the downrigger at all,

Dont know if the fish were a bit boat shy after 4 days of being hit up and the longer drop back on the free swimmer (about 20-30 m) was the trick. Or if the fish were a bit leader shy and the 50kg trace on the downrigger bait was putting them off, compared with the 20kg trace on the freeswimmer.

Anyway Justin ,my deckie, is not a kingie virgin any more either, He used to be a proffessional chef big time, Bilsons etc, and had my mouth watering as he described what he was going to do to prepare his fish for the table for his In Laws.

Dave and Jon headed back for a final troll around Barrenjoey before picking up their wifes and kids at 9.30 for a picnic day at the basin. They hit a little purple spot as they got another good one on a trolled SP and said that the two boats near them all got a fish at the same time.

Back home by 10.30 ( which scored some brownie pts towards the next outing). :wife:

Great fun day had by all, although Dave says he is not giving my Downrigger back, :(

I was grizzling to Justin as we were trolling BArrenjoey that we should have been onto the fish more and felt we should have picked up a couple more at Whale, As we were unloading the boat at Bayview he passes his bag down to me, its unzipped, and WHAT DO I SEE, sitting in the top

A BANANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :1yikes::1yikes:

A Swift uppercut was applied and the realities of fishing with Banana Boy explained. :ranting2::ranting2:

Regards POGO

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Good report Pogo and a nice kingfish.

Give me a call when you plan your next trip so maybe we can get a few others to come on board for a joint trip. Darryl would be a starter Im hoping.

If all goes to plan and the weather is fine I hope to go Marlin trolling on Saturday.



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