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Broken Bay 30/1/05


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Left Brooklyn @ 4.30am with a buddy from work who brought his boat as well and made the dash out to the bommie at Bangalley Head. I anchored in close and he was a bit further out. Managed to pick up a few Yakkas between the Sweep, man they were in plague proportions. The yakkas just couldn't get to the bait before the Sweep. Anyway I dropped out a livie and things were quiet for a while when I heard my buddy call out his son hooked a Kingie on a Sluggo. Then my livebait goes off and my buddy is hooked up on his flygear YES what a sight I should of taken a photo I though he was going to snap it but got it in. For the next 2 hours we had a blast with the Kings. I ended up keeping 2 and my buddy kept 2.

Things went quiet so decided to head out to the fish traps @ Esmeralda but couldn't find them. I tried both my recent marks but weren't there. (Anyone know where they are ?) Bottom bounced a bit for nothing, looked like a graveyard.

Then headed in closer to Reggies and the damm Chinaman Leather Jackets were in form with nothing else. Ah my buddy picked up a nice Lizard approx 55cm. The water must be cold down there for them to be around this time of year.

Then did a drift in close to Palm, nothing for me but he pickup a real nice flounder again :1badmood: .

All in all great day and definately better than being at work :1fishing1:

This is my first posting with pics as I just got the camera so hopefully they will improve after a few posts.

My young fella with a rat


Pod of Dolphins that was working a school of fish for a good 20mins


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Nice work on those Kings spic. Those pics are pretty good as well. :thumbup:

I think a two hour session like that on the kings would have trumped anyone's work day, with the possible exception of someone who works as a "quality control technician" at a brewery. :biggrin2:



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