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4 Hour Goon Session


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G`day Fellas ,

Feeling as though the Walls were closing in I decided to Run away from home for the day & head to the Mud Bishop Lagoon which attaches to the entrance to the Manning River.

As I had nothing else to use for bait except SP`s and a packet of Prawns , I waded out onto the sand banks and began flogging Sp`s Whilst the Prawns defrosted .

AN hour solid flogging a dozen different types of SP`s saw a complete 0 , not even a nudge by a toad.

Changed Tack , and fished with Peled Prawns for the rest of the day , but could not manage one keeper Whiting Or Flattie from the 20/30 juveniles I hooked and landed .

But I did enjoy the day out , and it was nice to spend the day fishing and not getiting totally fried by the Sun.

I`m told the flatties are still on In Saltwater lagoon < so I might Give that a try one day this week .


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