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Culburra Trip Away


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HI all,

well the weekend looked like it was going to be bad weather but my brother and his mate and i decided to go anyway and put up with the farely average conditions.

Day 1

We hit the ramp at 6am and were out the heads by about 6 15 and stocked up with a heap of slimies. But decided it was to rough to head to th e banks so we headed for currarong bommie the current was ripping down the coast with dark blue 25 degree water so we were hoping for a few kinds we trolled some skirts around for a while. But after a while gave up and found a nice patch of reef to fish over as i was winding in i hooked up and sooner released a kingy of about 50cm.

after a while of bottom bashing all it returned was a 40cm re rock cod which went in the esky. as the conditions were pretty crap we headed back to the river and picked up a 27cm bream and a 57 cm flathead. Pretty average day but better then work

Day 2

The whole plan of the weekend was to chase marlin having never cause one from our boat before. we left the ramp @ 5:30 and got about 6 slimies and headed for the banks. As we came over the top it was like a washing machine slimies out headed south along it not much luck and decided to pull in the livies and head back to the northern side and start again.

we headed off and about 5 mins later nick my brothers mate see's something in the water next to the boat Marlin excitement is high and the livies are put back out but without much luck. After a while in that area we headed back to start the cycle again.

This time round slimies out and my brother spots something in front of the boat he calls it for a marlin and we all whatch in anticipation as this approx 100kg black runs the length of the boat lines up the slimies and shoots off for them he had a play with the one on the right hand side then out of nowhere snatches the left. The drag was going nuts on the pen then this smart bastard snatces the right livie as well with two reels going of i prepare to set the hook (This being the first time on a marlin) i hook up farely solidly on 24kg a nice big buckle in the rod this is where the trouble starts. He drops the right hand livie leaving me and him still loaded up. BUt as i lifted the rod tip i knocked the drag causing it to spool up and the hook pulled.

all in all it was one of the most memorable hook ups for me the fish showed no fear of us or the boat and it was awesome looking in the water

It has now got me hooked permanently to marlin fishing

plenty more trips will be to come

We have some photos of the flatty rock cod and bream to come so you can put faces to the story


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Kane, bad luck on the Marlin. I fished out of Port Hacking with the same crap weather on Sunday. There was huge schools of bait everwhere and we trolled lures for most of the morning in 50 metres of water. Water colour and temp was good and we came acroos a huge patch of floating weed, I couldn't beleive the were no Dolphin Fish around it.

We are heading down to Calburra next weekend to fish the banks. Where abouts off the heads did you find the slimies?


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