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G'day Raiders,

Got a Quintrex 480 Freedomsport which came with the usual shitty (too small) anchor from the retailer - its a sand anchor and has roughly 2m chain attached plus rope. Had enormous trouble anchoring in the harbour (zoo area) on new years eve (before any :beersmile: ) and have had the odd problem getting the anchor to hold around sow and pigs.

Heard of plough anchors, reef anchors, fishermans anchors, sarca anchors (about $189 from BIAS for my size :1boff: - although heard they are great), another post mentioned Mooloolabah anchors??

Would a bigger sand anchor be the go or a different type of anchor? Do I need more chain?

Mainly fish the harbour and the hawkesbury.

Any tips would be great :thumbup:



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I would be inclined to add more chain.. but some think that the chain scares the fish..

I used to move a bit, added 4 metres of chain and now i dont budge...( I use a reef pick in nearly all my situations (Over size, but make sure the boat can stil pull the hooks straight!!!.)

The chain is a pain to pull up, but it seems to have solved my problems with anchoring.

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Guest fishrunner

You definitely need more chain , I go for heavy guage chain round 3 mtrs long on a 4.35 c/console.

I tend not to worry bout the chain noise, though you can wrap your chain with tape ,( you would be amazed how much quieter it is :biggrin2: )

You could always go up an anchor size if you believe it could help.


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Guest bluecod


The general rule of thumb is to use a length of chain the same length as your boat. The chain ensures there is a horizontal pull on the anchor so it digs in and also acts like a shock absorber as it lifts. Let out 3 X water depth of anchor rope [warp] - 4 X if you're overnighting and intend to sleep through particularly if there is a bit of wind and tide working together. Most times if you're only having a day fish 2 x is enough.

You should be carrying at least two anchors - one for sand and one for reef - it is also helpful to have a sea anchor you can use to slow a drift in strong wind or for extra safety when heading outside any distance.

Forget about a plough anchor in a small boat they are heavy SOB's and best used with a cruiser. I have heard good stories about Sarca anchors - do a search on this site as there was an interesting thread on these about 12 months ago.

I use a Danforth anchor and a homemade reef anchor and have not had a problem anchoring anywhere in Hawkesbury, Pittwater and even in 50 metres on reef outside. BTW make sure you have plenty of rope on the boat before you throw the anchor over and also make sure the shackle from the chain to the rope is attached - there's nothing like feeling stupid if you throw the anchor over and the chain is not attached :074::074:

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but some think that the chain scares the fish..

I don't need another reason for the fish not to bite! :074:

Thanks for the tips guys :thumbup: Looks like I need some more chain.... Will get heavier guage and a longer length and see how we go.

Best place to get some chain? Bunnings? BIAS/Whitworths?

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Guest Big-Banana

Ive got around 8 meters of chain and had no problem with anchoring up in 130 meters of water. I tend to fish offshore so I only use a reef anchor and let out about 30-40 meters more than the depth.

A mate of mine has a largish Bertram and swears by his Sarca. So they must be pretty descent.

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