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First Day Of Hols


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Hi All,

Had my first day of leave yesterday and decided to start the week off with a bit of a day session.

Given the tides and the weather outlook for the day, a leisurely start to the day was the order, Mat and I hit the water at 10am to see if we could land a few jew and see how big the Bream had grown over the last few weeks... We headed around the heads of Newcastle to get a bag of yakkas and see if we could see any schools busting up in stockton bight. Within an hour we had enough yakkas and a few slimies to last the day.

We drifted a few of the slimmies around the 50ft area just north of the northern breakwall for about an hour before we where to head up the river to fish the last of the run in tide. zzzzzzZZZZ and I was on, and when i say on, i mean it. I have never lost a spool of line so fast, i lost about 150m of line in about 30 secs, then BANG, gooone. Not sure what it was besides a submarine but it was fun whle it lasted. When i wound in whatever it was had swallowed a whole slimie, about 2ft of 60lb leader and bit through the 30lb main line. Shark maybe... Anyway we drifted around for a bit longer and the same thing happened about 10 mins later to Mat, but it all happened a lot quicker.... we will be back with the same approach, but this time i will be getting the Tiagra and the T-Curve out.

At about 1:30 we headed up past stockton bridge into my fav spot-x to throw some plastics around and chase the local bream, it wasn't long and Mat boated a lovelly 36cm fat buster of a bream that gave my light rig a real workout (10 mins earlier he snapped his Dropshot... not happy!)

After another smaller bream and a few bust ups we decided it was time to let some of the yakka's out and see if the local jewies wanted to play.

Within 15 mins i was on, calling it for a jew early i had put myself up for a bit of pressure given the earlier events... after a small tussle a nice healthy 65cm model was boated and let to see another day, it was my first jew this year, not a monster but on the board regardless. Soon after Mat landed an upgarde to mine and it went 76cm, it was a lot thicker and pulled in at 4kg. Again we put her back for another day.

We went on to loose another two, and i had a few good strikes on a 4" Flick Bait, but just couldn't get the hook set.

It was a top day, and will be out again later in the week (if my electric gets fitted in time....)





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Great report there Woz, you lucky bugger! It's pretty hard to read a report like that while sitting behind a desk here at the pickle factory. :ranting2::074:

Well done on that set of fish though, it appears that you've got the spots sorted now. :thumbup: Be prepared for some pointed questions later in the week. :biggrin2:

How did Mat manage to snap his rod? High sticked it?



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Hi Shane,

>> How did Mat manage to snap his rod? High sticked it?

Unfortunately no... as this would have been valid, he just applied a small amount of pressure while pulling some line off the spool and snap! It looks like it was either faulty, or maybe the graphite had a small nick in it and that caused it to be a weak point, either way he is going to take it back and show Geoff and see what he sais, it certainly has been looked after and shouldn't have happened.


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