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Snapper On Plastics - Part 2!


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After my first ever session on snapper on artificials a couple of weeks back - Pete and I finally arranged a date to go hunting these artificial smashing red bandits again.

We were at the ramp by 5:30 and hit the spot "busta" at 6am. It didn't take long for Pete to get the first fish on the board - a nice just legal pinky.

He then added to the lead with 2 more fish, one similiar to the first - and a nice solid fish. We resisted the temptation to get an immediate picture, as the action was just too hot.

I was beginning to think it would be "one of those days" when i finally got on the board - a nice solid red that had the hl-z and quantum energy combo stretched.

Pete however, not to be outdone - extended his lead with another solid fish!

I knew the only hope of redemption was to pull the best fish of the day, shortly after..the prayers were answered! :1fishing1::1fishing1:

A PB plastic snapper of 2.5kg



Two happy boys...Pete and I with our 2 best fish each


Pete ended up pulling one small fish just prior to leaving due to the ever-increasing swell - bringing his total for the 2 hour session to 5 fish.


All in all - it was a very satisfying way to spend an early morning session. To pull quality snapper on plastics in two consecutive sessions proves theres definately potential with these fish on artificials.

Looking forward to hitting them up again next weekend :1fishing1::beersmile:

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reds on plastics would be unreal!! ive only ever landed 1 legal red from flint and steel. a good red is on my list after i finally (maybe) get my jewie.

Just curious loomy, what sort of boat do you guys fish out of?

Mate its everybit as good as you can imagine, bream and flathead spinning just never compare again once youve done it!

Petes boat is a 4.3M Bermuda Centre console, im not sure of the exact hull name though. Its a great versatile boat that has seen action a fair bit offshore, all the way up the rivers chasing bass - wish i owned one.

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Hi mate,

We got the snapper off some reefs a couple of K off Port Macquarie.

Once ont he spot - we would drift until we were about 100-150m off it, would then motor up again and do another drift.

No berley actually - me and Pete discussed that for future sessions we might have to get the berley happening - it might increase the catch rate even more.

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Great catch there Loomy, I would love to catch a snapper on S/Ps

do put any action into the S/P or just let the boat provide it :1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1:

Mate it's actually a bit of both to be honest. The most important thing is to NOT take the sp out of the strike zone. Once on the bottom - jerk it erratically, but don't retrieve the line. After a couple of twiches, let it sink back down again. Ive caught most of my fish using this technique however a couple of fish (actually the bigger ones) have hit it on the way to the bottom or with the plastic just being moved by the boat.

Actually that PB in the pics was caught whilst i was a bit sea sick - just barely holding the rod and imparting no action on the lure at all. Before i knew it fireline was peeling off and i was on to an angry :ranting2::ranting2: snapper.

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