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  1. Great catches there, well done!! Never seen snapper that big up the river.
  2. Thanks guys It was definitely a great night and first time fishing that spot, so I was over the moon. Only ever caught one jewie before that in my life. Well done 'mii11x' on your pb too, must've been the night for them.
  3. Hey all, Finally got out on the water again on the 2/3/15 for an evening flick on the Georges with perfect conditions: 5-7 knots wind, High tide at 8pm, Sunset 7:30pm (last light 7:55pm) - brilliant!! Got some nice prawns and frozen hawksbury squid from the local bait shop and headed out to our spot around 7pm. Only some small nibbles for about 45mins and then I'm on. With some weight behind it, I knew it would be something nice and it was, I pull out a nice 68cm jewie (my PB) and back in the drink she goes. About 10mins later my brothers rod has a few nice bites and he's on. Pulls out a nice 36cm bream. Then another 15mins pass without a bite and then bang my mate is on with a nice snapper (undersize unfortunately). While my mate was taking his snapper off the hook, my rod takes off again, a nice decent fight and we start to see colour...another jewie but this time a smaller one about 50cm. Perfect way to start the week off
  4. I would contact fisheries with the hope they take further action but it's a shame though as it doesn't always happen. Take as many photos as you can of the illegal activity occurring, the person/s faces, any registration plates/numbers (boat or car) and email the fisheries. Try stay discrete when taking photos, as mentioned above some people do becoming violent if they know what you're doing. I witnessed a group of 3 people collecting oysters from a bay a few days ago and they had over 500 oysters (limit is 150 for 3 people) in buckets, bags and in the boot of their car. I called the police and they told me they would get the water police to come to the bay - an hour later still nothing and those people left but I did email fisheries with all details, photos etc and hope they will take further action.
  5. Hey all, I'm heading to South West Rocks (North Coast NSW) next weekend for 3 days and was wondering if anyone on this forum has any tips or advice for fishing South West Rocks landbased?
  6. Hey all, Me, my brother and 2 friends were bored on Saturday so we discussed going for a drive up to Maianbar and back in the boat considering it was a nice sunny day. Last minute decision before heading out, we decided to take 1 rod each and get some prawns and pillies to try out luck - mind you I had already fished Maianbar beach earlier that day by myself (5am-9am) with no keepers (1 octopus, 1 whiting, 3 flathead and 2 puffer fish). We left the boat ramp from Grays Point at around midday and made our way out to Maianbar. We're all new to boat fishing (my brother recently bought a boat) and using a fish finder so it made the experience interesting. We decided to stop at a location along the way which seemed like a good ground for fish and also showed quite a few fish on the sounder. Stayed there for about 20mins with no luck so moved on. I then decided to take over the wheel and we travelled further out of the river closer to Maianbar. The sounder looked promising (from what I've been watching on YouTube) so we decided to anchor up. Within 10mins of dropping our lines in, my friend was on for quite an easy fight - turned out to be a keeper Bream (29cm). Then around 5mins later my other friends reel starts screaming - we're thinking possibly a stingray (very common around there as we've caught plenty land based). After about 5mins of fighting the fish, we start to see colour and other fish coming up with it - it was a Kingy (first one for my friend) - landed, measured at 55cm and returned to fight another day. Another 5-10mins past and my brothers reel starts screaming away!! Fighting the fish for around 10mins, pulling line, swimming all around and under the boat making it an intense fight for first time boat fishers. As he begins to surface the fish, we see it's another Kingy (first one for him too) - this day is getting better. Landed, measured at 59cm and returned. Another few minutes and my mate is on again, reel starts screaming!! He grabs his rod and within a few seconds my drag starts going off too! I grab the rod and BUST (I wasn't planning on this - I was using 4lb braid with 6lb mono for some light fishing fun). My friend is still on and fighting the fish - now we're thinking another Kingy and we're right. Measured in at 58cm and returned to the drink. We stayed for another 40mins or so with no more luck, only some small snapper about and a few nibbles. Packed up and headed back to the ramp. We were all extremely happy with how the day turned out!! Will get some pics up soon as they're on my friends phone - my phone went for a swim at the boat ramp due to some guy trying to put his boat back on his trailer by himself (he was at his trailer winch and not in the boat) with the outboard running and prop spinning slowly drifting towards our trailer, I went it to push the boat away from our trailer forgetting my phone was in my pocket!!
  7. Well done mate, a very nice catch indeed. Shame about the loss but still ended up a winner.
  8. Sounds like a great night fishing 'steez', well done mate!! I've tried Maroubra Beach once without success, but that was when I didn't know what a gutter looked like haha. The bronze would've been a good fight.
  9. nineworlds - Haha good one. I didn't get a chance to ask if they minded having their pics posted online when I was writing the report, so thought I would just delete their heads instead. thefisherman6784 - Thanks mate, it was definitely a great night fishing linc - Cheers. My brother was more than happy with the gummy shark catch haha. scratchie - Thanks for the advice I will definitely be giving it a go next time, sending a tailor out there, live or butterflied.
  10. Thanks for the info mate, I appreciate it. Will definitely give it a go next time I've got some of those bait sliders made up so might give that a go next time.
  11. Cheers guys Crossfire63: Was thinking about that, but wasn't sure if the tailor would be too big and also what kind of rig would you use for that?
  12. Finally learnt what a surf gutter looks like earlier that day so decided to give it a go. Went down to the beach for a fish with my mate and brother. Got there around 6:30pm and fished that gutter we spotted earlier. Within 10mins, bang my mates rod goes down, first keeper of the night, a tailor. Then another 5-10mins, my rod goes off, another tailor. You could tell there was a school of them around all around the same size (35-42cm). This was pretty much consistent throughout the night with some periods of about 20-30mins without bites. Finally my brother arrived around 8pm and casts in. About 15mins in, he pulls out a nice yellowtail (around 15cm) - out it goes as live bait (hoping for a nice a jewie). Unfortunately the jewie never came along, but instead a 93cm gummy shark - still can't complain. We were supposed to only fish till about 11pm but got a bit carried away and left at 1:30am. All up for the night, we ended up catching 8 tailor, 1 salmon, 1 bream, 1 trevally, 1 gummy shark, 1 shovel nose shark and 1 yellowtail,
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