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  1. Just off Sydney about 120 fathoms
  2. I've tried a couple of times off the ski at spots like the Banks off Jervis Bay but no luck! That would be an interesting battle solo. I didn't realise how important the driver is during the battle. They do the most work!
  3. What a day! Headed out with George looking for billfish. A couple of my mates work at Shimano and invited me on this day trip and of course I said yes. Damn I'm glad I did! There was a big water change around 60 fathoms and the temp went from 21 degrees to over 26 by the time we got to 80+ fathoms. We raised a black on the way out but he did a runner so after trolling around for a while we headed out further to the shelf. Almost immediately as we got to the shell the long rigger got smashed by a big Blue and then the fight began! All up it went just over 2 hours with a few big runs but we finally got it to the boat took some pics and released. The big fella asked for a selfie and then swam back down into the 26 degree deep blue. George gave me some great tips for when I go out on my own as to what to look out for etc. He was awesome and definitely knows what he is doing. He said it was around 200kgs which is insane! Im still buzzing and so is my brother and couple of my good mates. Recently I've been fishing on a jet ski with a rod holder esky set up and sounder/gps installed. The last 3 times I've gone out in search of Kings I've caught zilch - but this makes up for it! I've got a centre console on the way from Bluefin so hopefully ill have better luck on that. Seriously can't wait! Sorry to rub this day in but I had to share! Thanks again to George and for the Shimano Tyrnos reel for getting me my first billfish.
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