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  1. Thanks mate. I usually focus on 15m-25m but have caught bigger ones out towards 30m. Be careful in close pick the right day as things can change quickly.
  2. Thanks mate. I usually focus on 15m-25m but have caught bigger ones out towards 30m.
  3. Good luck mate it's great fun.
  4. Lovely conditions outside for a quick afternoon bash along the cliffs. Calamari were firing, we managed 7 in an hour all 33cm+ hoods biggest going 36cm. Water is clearing up which is good to see. Enjoy the long weekend ✌️ Dan
  5. Happy Friday Raiders. I wanted to see if anyone would share their experiences chasing dollies in the later afternoon/sunset. I have had plenty of success early morning & promised a friend to get onto some - problem is he's only available late arvo this weekend. In theory the usual haunts should fish similarly to sunrise in afternoon low light... To go or not to go! Tight lines...
  6. Hey mate I usually focus on 20-30m depths in close off Sydney. Dinner more often than not at my place!
  7. Great report. Smashing them at the moment well done.
  8. Cheers! Yep just a single jig mate no paternoster or ball sinker. I find it just moves more naturally being in control of the single jig.
  9. Dedicated rod and jig Zoran. I run a 2500 stradic on an emeraldas 83M which provides fantastic sensitivity. Important to hold the bottom and jig aggressively to bring them in. Keep opening that bail as soon as you feel you've come up off the weed & repeat the process. It's a great way to target them & good fun too. Good luck.
  10. Headed out around 11am today in lovely conditions in the hope of some more big calamari. Landed 12 in quick succession with the majority being 35cm+ hoods. Marked some rats while squidding and sent a head down which got smashed while I was onto another squid - doubles! King just short at 63cm. Repeated the process for another 62cm rat. After picking up a big angry cuttle which absolutely peeled drag shortly after I decided to move on to a nearby reef for some fish for the table.The one cuttle candle produced two pannies 36/38cm, 2 solid blue spots (biggest going 59cm), blue mowy, pigfish & wrasse. Found a nice patch of sand for more flatties which I left on the chew & headed for home as the storm clouds rolled in. Happy New Year! Dan
  11. A few for the table and a few snap frozen for my next Jew/king outing. Thanks mate!
  12. Navionics is your friend. Work the shoals, jig aggressively and persist until you find them. Once you do repeat the drift and you should do well. Good luck.
  13. Cheers mate. Peeled some line that's for sure!
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