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  1. clicker has possible broken off ... take a pic and show us the underside of the spool
  2. wow .. in your own words .. that's f##d !
  3. I used 20lb f/c leader and I got BUSTED UP HARD ........ 30lb next time.
  4. just crimp a split shot onto the weedless hook ..
  5. great nile perch and even better photos .. look at the size of them !
  6. stylo

    savage gear

    do they run kevlar through the middle of them making them super strong and tear resistant i.e. not be rubbish after one fish ??? if not, im getting my money back %#%^
  7. Nah no need when you come up tight on a fish, it goes taut anyway. I always use uni direct to jig head. Add split ring on hard bodies that need loop knots. Uni knot much stronger than loop knots. Just preference.
  8. stick with a 4-5 wrap uni knot mate. that'll keep you out of trouble
  9. 17 kg !? lucky you got your lure back .. i very much dislike hooking eels
  10. u could have taken the hit for your mate and say you were fishing instead of the guy that wasn't since you had your license on you. he could have been the mate that 'just popped by' to see what's happening. tell him to make a photocopy of his license to keep in his tackle box. may or may not satisfy fisheries but beats saying you left it at home / in the car
  11. What a great way to remember Tuross Hodgey! Thanks for sharing with us as usual with your well written reports and I will look forward to your posts from south of the border !
  12. i think he meant the hook was a bit on the small side
  13. that's awesome, thanks for the tip we usually do the 2 x 9/0s but will try your setup one day !
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