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  1. Thanks lads, I highly appreciate the advice. I was hoping the night driving shades I saw on a recent advertisement were going to be miraculous as they suggested. Regards Milt
  2. Hey Kingie Chaser, in thinking more along the lines of better vision in the dark and in low light conditions. Milt
  3. For those who like to fish at night what are the best night vision glasses for fishing that you have used? Most available glasses that I've read up seem to work well whilst driving, I'm curious to know what attributes make them great for low light fishing conditions? Thanks Milt
  4. Thanks all, will report on how I went. Milt,
  5. Hi lads, could anyone inform me of some good fishing ground for tailor in the Nelligen system. My plan is to slow troll some hard body lures and a pilchard on a set of ganged hooks starting at the big4 caravan park. Thanks Milt,
  6. Have been salting my pilchards for years, if there are fish around they rarelly ignore a salted pilchard fillet or cube. I read somewhere due to the moisture leching out during salting process the resultant pilchard are oilier and have a stronger scent. Salted pilchard stay on longer on a set of gangs and is easier to fillet or cut in cubes compared to an unsalted pilchard. I must try salting slimies next for big snapper cubed baits.
  7. I find sabiki jigs too messy on a boat to many hooks flying around getting caught and tangled I'd prefer to hang a trap over the side to catch a few and keep them alive whilst I target bigger stuff. I might checkout the plastic collapsible traps at a shop. Thanks Milt,
  8. Hi lads, I'm looking for recommendations as to which types of bait fish trap I could buy and hang in the current that would be capable of catching a few yakkas for live bait and also keeping them alive? I suspect the majority of standard types would spin in the current etc. Thanks Milt,
  9. How do you burley for reefies in deep water for best effect positioning your burley container out of the way in 40_60m of water? What tactics do you employ and how heavy is the container to make sure it goe s straight down and is away from your lines at the bottom? Would tieing the container to the anchor rope work with a 10m cord to ensure the pot is just under the boat work? Thanks Mil,
  10. Interesting Jon, thanks for the feedback maybe we'll be launching at Moruya then and turning right!
  11. After a successful fishing trip on the reds last week at Durras I was wondering what pellagics might I catch out at that 60-80m range whilst trolling some skirts and decent hard bodies and what time of year? I have caught small dolphin fish out there on the surface so I'm guessing other decent surface dwellers must be present? Would I be best turning right and heading south of batemans bay as opposed to heading north? Thanks in advance Milt
  12. Brilliant!!! Any suggestions south of Jervis bay? Keep the suggestions coming.
  13. Hi all, Could any of you suggest some great ocean front accommodation along the NSW south coast that has great surf /rock fishing options, within waking distance of the property? The time of the year that it fishes best, would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Milt
  14. I think i'll settle on 5.5m and will limit my offshore trips to 15km out on those glorious days maybe 20km in another boats company. I'd love to hit a few albacore and bottom bounce some deep reef out there. One thing i will do is practice tackling the bar with a professional a number of times and get to know my boats capabilities intimately before attempting my first crossing. i've driven a few boats in calm conditions and done allot of offshore fishing but never owned a boat. I think its about time and am looking forward to gaining as much experience as i can.
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