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  1. A quick report: fished the area after the 4knt zone (heading downstream) at around 7am. Lots of bait fish jumping around. Eventually saw fish jumping out of the water, busting up the bait. These were small bust ups and lasted maybe a minute before disappearing - just enough to motor over and get 1-2 casts in. After many failed attempts and lure changes, these were the lures that worked: * 5g silver metal, treble on the tail (about 50% hookup rate) * 3" cas clear minnow powerbait (about 15% hook up rate) * 15g silver slow jig (this was the most effective, every cast hooked up) This went on for about 2 hours - on and off and they went all around that area. 2-4kg rods were insufficient, 3-6kg rods were struck the balance of power and enjoying the fight.
  2. Nice report! Is reef beach part of the north Harbour aquatic reserve? (Re:squidding) always keen to try new spots!
  3. Totally agree, just for a nicer finish, I sometimes just trim of the tag end in the field.
  4. Hi all, after many months of not fishing on the boat, im finally taking it out tomorrow! I have a new downrigger that I'm dieing to try out and a freezer full of squid heads from April earlier this year. Ive heard there are some big kings around North head and South head, but particularly the artificial and the colours around South head - is this the case? Looking to try downrigging for a legal king - looking for any advice for the current hotspots to try at the moment but particularly around South head (Goto baits, depths, terrain and signs to look for on the sounder, how long you downrig for). My current plan is to downrig around South head, the Bommie, around 100m from the shoreline, around the artificial reef (not over), and if all else fails - following the shoreline of North head from the inside, the corner, then on outside. Depth of about 5-10m off the bottom, squid head halves with dangly bits. Thanks all - would absolutely make the bucket list to catch a 1m kingie, but I guess there is a reason why it's on most Sydney fisho's bucket lists...
  5. Rod tubes is a great idea, inexpensive and near bullet proof. Otherwise maybe spend less on your rods if you are prone to breaking them - definitely stick to graphite but grab them on sale / cheaper versions. I've found some boating camping fishing store brand rods on sale at ~$40 to be excellent - great feel and performance. Relatively heavier and "clunkier" than my equivalent Daiwa black rods but totally acceptable when you think of the price point. Id rather spend a bit more and get the good stuff but I know I'm careful with my gear. I have my cheaper gear for lending out to mates fishing with me who don't appreciate the gear as much as I do ☺️
  6. Might check out the EVA when I'm next in bunnings, find myself going there often with la Nina writing off the weekends of late.
  7. i havent caught enough big fish so keen to get your experience @kingie chaser - reckon the EVA sheet is thick enough to protect the inside layer? i went with vinyl originally as its pretty thick but soft enough to absorb/stretch from scrapes and stabs so thought it would be a good material.
  8. Great idea! I do like the affordability of Eva, maybe one that was smooth flat so that it would be easier to clean. Reckon it would be tough enough to resist sharp bits? Wrapping is also an option.
  9. I think gorilla tape on the corners sounds like an easy and effective way to bolster the corners/edges pre-emptively, so might do that. Here is what vinyl layer looks like on the inside - a 0.98m X 0.98m sheet that is slid in to match the inside curvature. It's not attached or anything as I plan for it to come out when cleaning and drying, maybe roll it up when storing away so I can fold the bag. When inside the bag, it doesnt fold without putting some worrying creases on the vinyl so don't think I'll be folding the bag with vinyl inside. Seems like it will do the job - the only internal exposed are is the front and back.
  10. Good point, it is somewhat flexible but definitely adds stiffness - might have to cut in a certain way so that it can fold along a length easier - maybe like two long panels , one for each internal side.
  11. Hi all, I recently got a 1m long insulated fish catch bag (which you use for fish too long for a conventional eski) and want to reinforce the inside against spikes and sharp parts of fish that it will (hopefully!) hold. I went out to bunnings and got a sheet of clear vinyl used on tabletops which I think will so the job but keen to hear your experiences in using these bags, where the damage usually occurs, any tips etc... so that I can get the most out of this bag. Thanks!
  12. I've recently had luck with my bail spring insert failing - took apart my reel, had a look and found the broken part. Was able to find an online version the reel schematic, ID'd the part number of the broken part and ordered it from Shimano - few bucks for the part and $9.90 for shipping.
  13. Any of the reels suggested will be awesome for bream/flattie fishing and around the ~$120 mark. Save the left over for your next fishing purchase - e.g. you might seek out a kingfish setup as lots of people do!
  14. Sounds like a very fun day! What depth were you in when you found luck? In close or out wide?
  15. well, i keep you guys posted as i go - have got a new slow pitch jig set up on the way and jigs galore. hopeful for more responses!
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