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  1. Hmm.. hard to argue with solid logic! Thanks Rebel. Here's one for you..
  2. Awesome advice Pickles! Thanks for passing on. Here's a photo of what I think could be the same species at the fish market. Not too shabby at $18.99! And thank you everyone else for your input and knowledge.
  3. Hi fellow raiders, Hope you're all well. Been dough-nutting the last couple of outings but managed a couple of pikes on the last one. I've heard rumours about them being smelly to handle and undesirable table fish, but upon nasal investigation and a subsequent cook, I can't really say my experience is reflective of the word on the street/wharf. They didn't smell offensive, and the eating was similar to that of whiting. Can anyone else corroborate this? They were caught off a wharf with prawn bait under a float. Sun was high up and run in tide. Some surface action in the form of local swimmers braving the cold windy conditions. And here's me in 3 layers static. Other catches were undersized trevally, tarwhine, and bream.
  4. Hi All, haven't been out much but managed to collect a bit of cabbage weed from a couple of the local ferry wharves in Sydney in pursuit of a feed of blackfish. The first spot we tried was pretty quiet so moved on to a breakwall and kept adjusting depth till we starting seeing downs on our floats. I find that's the hardest part about learning a new spot is finding out what depth to set the rig. A passing fisherman who was packing up for the day was kind enough to give us some of his string weed. Boy did it work! I've had success on cabbage weed and weed flies before, but haven't fished with string weed ever. It was good to be able to add this to the repertoire. It was a down every cast from then on and we landed 7 good fish in about an hour, the biggest going 40cm. We kept 5 for a feed. It was a great outing and made better by the generosity and mateship of the fishing community. I know where to grab some cabbage weed, but don't really know where to get good quality string weed. Would any of you be able to PM me with a couple of spots to get some string weed? Appreciate any help! Thanks in advance! cheers Omo
  5. armed with the squid that i caught the day before, i fished land based in Port Hacking with the goal of catching a kingfish during sunrise. As soon as I started a berley trail of cubed pilchards, I saw a rat king come and enjoy some of the food floating in the water. I fished with squid strips on a float rig for half an hour then I had a good take. The fish easily pulled line despite there being 6kg of drag. after a minute of tug of war the kingfish started to tire out. Even though it was a rat, it still pulled hard, which I expected. After I netted it, I got a picture of it and released it. The bite eventually went quiet so I packed up. All in all, a pretty enjoyable and relaxing sesh.
  6. Beautiful sunrise as we hit the wharf with kingies on the mind! No yakkas around but heaps of garfish cruising by so we nabbed a few of them for livies. A few flicks with the squid jig also landed 2 good size calamari. Good eating size so we decided to keep them and catch some smaller models for livies. Got a little arrow squid just in time for the start of the run out. We sent out a live gar on a running sinker rig to fish the bottom and also the arrow squid under a float to fish the top but no hits. No pelagic action today… saw the odd bonito and frigate mackerel zooming past but not much else. Decided to keep trying for squid and got two more good size calamari bringing our total to 4. Definitely a feed now! Into the late afternoon, the yakkas suddenly turned up out of nowhere. We weren’t ready so we panicked and almost tripped ourselves up trying to tie a yakka paternoster in record time! Our burley kept them close, luckily, and soon our livie bucket had 10 yakkas in it. The evening was drawing to a close and nothing was interested in our live yakka. Got tired and decided to pack up. Anyone see any land based pelagic action on Monday? Pretty quiet from our end.. Anyway, calamari and garfish made for a great feed and saved the day. Thanks for reading. Cheers Omo
  7. hey mate, I use a small egg shaped float with about 4 foot of 6lb leader and a small size 12 hook with tiny bits of prawn for bait, and mashed up bread for burley. They feed near the surface and if they are on the bite, you can cast over them, reel in slowly and entice them to follow and chase down your bait. Or just let the bait sit in the middle of the dispersed burley. If the water is clear and you got some sunnies on, then you'll see when a gar properly takes your bait and you can strike gently. Hope this helps! cheers Omo
  8. Hi guys, The sugar pen in a gar pattern sounds like a great idea! Might have to go shopping. Thanks for the advice about pickers - will kick myself out of bed a bit earlier! haven't been out for weeks so it was great to do a long session. I usually take the fillets off, breadcrumb, pan fry and serve with lemon. I don't bother pin boning because the bones are really soft. Soft tender sweet flesh. And they cook in seconds! cheers Omo
  9. Hi guys, Went to a wharf in North Sydney to fish. The whole morning, there were loads of small sweep, but luckily, the yakkas outnumbered them eventually, so I was able to catch a few for bait. At 10:00, which was the low tide, loads of garfish started showing up. I managed to catch at least a dozen, all of which were for dinner. Some of them were huge, getting up to 35cm long. Then everything went quiet. Decided to take the opportunity for a lunch break. It was 4 hours after that I finally hooked something decent. It felt like another one of those squires or small bream, but then it started racing off somewhere. I managed to catch a quick glimpse of what it was. A rat kingy. However, it was hooked on light gear, so it busted me off in minutes, and the whole rig was gone. What a shame! But one hour later, there was a big hit on the live yakka. As soon as I hooked it, I knew what it was: an Australian Salmon. I had more of a chance on heavy gear. In minutes it was landed. It came in at 65cm big and fat. With more people coming and the fish gradually becoming less active, I decided to leave at 5:00. 10 hours of fishing was worth it, and I came home with enough food for a good few feeds. Cheers, Omo
  10. Hello everybody I managed to squeeze in a quick hour of fishing at a nearby wharf. Using a jigging rod with metal lures and just slow bouncing the jig at various depths in the water column. First 50 minutes, nothing. The only fish being caught by other anglers were baby squires and a small bream. Last few casts, we're on! A solid hookup and what looks like a tailor turns out to be a bonnie! After only about 20 seconds, the fish came up at the surface. It was hooked very close to the wharf pylons, but there was no net. Took a risk and lifted him straight up. Luckily, the hook was firmly set and would you know it, dinner was sorted! Great start to the spinning season. Cheers, Omo
  11. Headed to Mosman to see if we could score a feed. Virtually nothing happened as we fished the run out up to 12pm. We tried spinning lures, unweighted baits, float rigs, running sinkers, squid jugs....nada... just super quiet. Even the usual undersized squires were nowhere to be seen. Anyone else out fishing yesterday morning and afternoon experience this quiet? Lunch break and decided to have another crack and fished till the sun started setting. We were rewarded with some action! A calamari, a blue swimmer, a pike, a trevally, and a tailor on the very last cast out with a live yellowtail. Oh and an octopus which we returned to the water. We also hooked a hairtail on a live yellowtail but unfortunately dropped him.First time to see one in the harbour..does anyone know if they are common in the harbour and any particular spots to try for them, rigs, baits etc? I heard they are good eating too. Anyway.. mixed bag = fisherman's basket for dinner Hope you all caught a few too. Cheers Omo
  12. I think the pike fillets are good.. eating taste and texture between whiting and garfish. Thanks for all the considerate encouraging words. Will keep at it
  13. Hi All, Early start today to see if any squid around at Balmoral wharf. Started with a size 3.0 jig but no hits. Does anyone have any tips for squidding from this/or similar wharf location? Love fishing for trevally and caught two legal ones and a heap of undersized ones on weightless peeled prawn. Also lots of the usual small snapper, bream and tarwhine. Whatever size they are, they are always hard-fighting. I used a 2-4kg medium taper rod, 6lb braid, 5lb fluoro and a no.4 isaema hook for the weightless outfit. I added a small splitshot about 30cm from the hook when the wind picked up. The usual schools of yellowtail were few and far between today, so live-baiting was not really an option today, but we have landed oz salmon on yellowtail from here with dusk being prime time. Got pretty crowded and windy towards late afternoon so packed up with 2 trevally, a pike, and a couple of large yellowtail. Will sashimi the trevally, and pan fry the yellowtail, and beer batter the pike fillets for a feed. All in all a great way to spend a unusually warm winter Sunday. Hope you all wet a line too. cheers and tight lines, Omo
  14. Hi, Peeled prawns and chicken thigh work for me. I think it's okay to fish off the aquarium wharf. I have also fished the end of walkway nr pyrmont bay wharf for tailor and bream, you're not allowed to fish on the actual ferry wharf itself.
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