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  1. Boban

    Old But New

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Well done on the progress. If it were mine, it would be a 5 week project spread over 5 years!!! I barely have the time to fish anymore. Good luck and don't stop till it's done.
  2. Spot on and you can even have a motor on a bicycle up to a certain power limit without it being considered a motor vehicle. I had a client who once rode one of those motorised scooter while he had his driver's licence suspended. His scooter was a little too powerful.
  3. Smart move with the charter and well done. You are a little bit spoilt now.....
  4. Good on you Gary. Hope I get that old one day ....
  5. In one word "no". You can't even transfer to different types of memory cards without paying. They have you by the nuts.
  6. Mate, I have had a well earned rest from the fishing for quite a while now. Just had too much to do and as you know, I prefer to fish during the week rather than the weekends. My 14 year old has sparked my interest again and I can now find more time to just say "Stuff it, I'm going fishing, everything else can wait". Not that I have fished anywhere near what I once did. Just starting again. Will catch up soon enough. Say hello to the boss!
  7. It is a very "fishy place", that's for sure. Everything about it just seems to say that there are fish around. Even the creek holds some big fish. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get to go snorkelling after the fishing as I was catching up on some sleep the first afternoon and on my way home the second afternoon. Pete tells me that there are heaps of good bream in the creek and one really big flatty that he was lining up for a catch, photo and release. When we threw in the frames of the tuna and kingies, all you could see was these huge black balls around them. An amazing site. I am going to do 4-5 days next year. BTW - is that Marlin in your avatar from Hat Head - that looks like the cleaning tables
  8. It was a big fish. Guessing around the 2m mark. It gave the boat a few slaps when it first came up toward the boat. Here's a couple more for you. ****I have been advised that it is a whaler shark, not a grey nurse*******
  9. My mate who I play football with has been telling me how good the fishing has been when he goes away on his annual break. He is pretty clever in that he doesn’t take his break until February, when the crowds are all gone. I decided to give work the bird for a couple of days and did a quick run for two days of fishing with my fishing crazy middle child. Come Wednesday night we were off to Hat Head. I am not going to bore you with too much detail, but I can tell you that the fishing was absolutely brilliant, especially the first day. We caught our livies, went out to see the tuna busting baitfish on the surface everywhere. We caught everything from Mackeral Tuna, Striped Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna by tossing slugs at them and ripping them back. We had a ball and left them biting. They kept going all day. After that we dropped the livies and caught stacks of kingfish, an 850mm and 500mm snapper and half a cobia (we lost a few good fish to the sharks). We also saw a 130kg Blue Marlin at the ramp that was landed on a tiny lure, on a tiny outfit in a tiny boat. Amazing capture but sad to see it dead, although it did get cut up for food. Day 2 was not as good as Day 1 but exceptional by any standard. We ended up catching stacks of tuna but not as many kingfish as Day 1. The highlight was the Grey Nurse shark which was unlucky enough to cop a circle hook into the corner of its mouth after it stole a hooked fish. It was the first one I have ever seen in the flesh and was released unharmed. Needless to say, I will be heading up next year as well. Unfortunately for Pete, the fishing was absolutely hopeless after I left.
  10. My son becomes a packet prawn addict when we get to Hawks Nest. I taught him how to rig up and now he almost leaves me alone when it comes to fishing down at the wharf. While they (my 3 kids) have caught some legals from the wharf, they don't care what size the fish are, as long as they are biting....... that was until recently when he just had to come with me to Hat Head. But more on that later.
  11. I went there as a young teenager in the 80s with my friend and his dad. At night it was mayhem with all the rods and floats strewn along the rocks. But there was a reason for that. They caught tailor after tailor for a few hours. I am talking about hundreds of fish. I have experienced the same thing on Umina Beach with the tailor. When they go nuts its a truly memorable experience. The last tailor school I got onto was off at the Port Stephens heads. We were trolling poppers past them and watched them fight each other for the lure. Double hookups on the same lure was common.
  12. Web address is http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/recreational/info/eois
  13. Mate I read the article, but I'm not too sure about the unbiased part. They are sponsored by Suzuki and I reckon that is evident by the review. Safe to say there are no lemons amongst them.
  14. Gary, the video is still on the flippin camera. Mate, I will have to go past your workplace soon fairly regularly. I'll drop in with it mate. Byron, the Cruisecraft went to the brother in law. But he sold it because he didn't use it either. So it is gone for good. I still have my little side console v punt, but I haven't been fishing for a long time. I am about to start building the house soon so I can't see the situation improving anytime soon. What gets me most about Craig, is that his focus is not on money. That is so obvious by the way he deals with you over the phone. Not many like him.
  15. First of all I need to thank Craig from Huett Marine, for taking the time out to check my motors by plugging them into his laptop and talking with the buyers of my boat. Mate, you are a champion. All at a very very reasonable price. Too cheap I reckon. The buyers loved it. Yes if you haven't already guessed, I sold my Sailfish after putting a total of 20 hours use on the motors in a year and half. Even still, I have some very mixed feelings, especially when we went out for a run out to Lion Island and back. I still can't believe how good Craig was. He dropped everything (and he was busy) to do that for me. I won't forget that any time soon. Cheers Mitch (the man who will go fishing one day soon)
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