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  1. This reads just like the "holiday" we just had. Dragged the boat up to an expensive holiday house at Pacific Palms and watched it sit in the driveway for the whole week! Rain was relentless. Managed one day on the same Friday as you out on Wallis Lake at Forster and only got one good sized bream from the chocolate coloured water, which was strewn with tree branches and other debris. Usually the water is crystal clear there and you can see the bottom of the lake. Used all sorts of HB lures and plastics but not one take. The few bream we got were all caught on squid. Oh well, sure beats being flooded out or bombed!
  2. Has anyone had any actual experience or recommendations regarding retrieving stuck lures? There are a number of lure retrieving gadgets and poles out there in the market. I'm not sure how well they work.
  3. Just managed to get mine checked today. One less thing to worry about.
  4. It's that time of the year again for me: Boat trailer rego: $187.00 Boat trailer pink slip: $33.00 Boat Rego: $107.00 Boat insurance: $582.35 Total: $909.35 Amount of time I'm able to spend boating due to Covid 19: NIL!!!
  5. Love it, nice work. I'll be having a crack in the Bay tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  6. Does any one have any experience with these or have any tales to tell about them?
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