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  1. Went down to Ramsgate Beach after lunch. After picking up some string weed at Tonbridge St nearby, it is already 1pm. It is the peak of high tide hence groyen choice is limited. My first catch is my PB smallest fish ever caught. Followed by 2 blackfishes 29cm and 33cm, then later a surprise 43cm. The 'go home' phone alarm ring at 4pm. As i almost finish cleaning all the fishes, caught a further 23cm blackfish which just in time to make the photo shot and then release back in the water right away. Blackfishes caught from Big to Small: 43cm, 33cm, 29cm and 23cm.
  2. Normally steam them but this time fillet and deep fried along with the bigger blackfish then throw them into the freezer in sealed bag. Not daring enough to eat raw(sashimi probably best) as it is still too close to sydney harbour. Its fun to catch but not as good eating as blackfish cooked.
  3. Targeting Trevally for a change today. Arrived at Ramsgate Beach at noon. No fishos is around. Slowly burley up with bread soup, using small pieces of yakka as bait but no take until 4pm. Caught 2 trevally just legal. Great fight and great fun. Even though i specifically targeting Trevally, i still put out a blackfish rod as my backup plan. Didn't bring with me any stringy weed, just savage what is on the rock at the groyne. At around 3:30pm, i went back to my car to get my headlamp in case i fish into the dark. And when i got back, a 30cm blackfish hooked itself on my blackfish rod. Half an hour later, the same rod scored another 38cm blackfish. This just shown that the little cabbage weed on the rock are just as good bait as any. They are big enough to cover the whole hook yet small enough so the blackfish can suck it in one go. These cabbage weed are quite soft except the root area and that is where you set your hook. And they dry up quite quickly if out of the water so you will need to submerge them in water to keep them fresh.
  4. I went again the next day. After a quick stop to Coles, i arrived at 11am again. Wow again, i am the only one fishing there contrary to the day before. Other fisho start turning up at about 3pm but still not many. As i get my blackfish rods ready, the water right next to me(less than 5m away) boiled up with a school of tailor/kingies/salmon? attacking bait fish on the surface. I dropped everything and jump right to my lure rod. It took me 30 second to setup the lure and ready to cast but the fish are gone just quickly as they appeared! Too slow:( And that is the highlight of my day. A few bites here and there but no hook up. I guess it weren't a total lost after all as i caught a few yellowtails scad at dawn to replendish my bait-fish bait not to mention it is a nice day out.
  5. Nice weather virtually zero wind so decided to give Ramsgate Beach Flathead a go. Had a big brunch and got to Ramsgate Beach at around 11am. Wow. So many people fishing. Of the 4 groynes nearby, 3 are occupied. There are at least 3 fisho flicking their SP while walking along the beach. And there are 3 more different groups of people staking their beach rods along the beach.. at least 12 rods side by side. The plan is hopping between groynes chasing flathead using SP but at the same time stake out my blackfish rods to see if there is any bites. Not much luck with the SP, felt one or two bite but failed to set the hook. Other people doesn't seems to have any luck with the flathead either. Well, at least my blackfish rod score this little bugger(24cm) within the first half hour. Kept in the bucket to take photo only and released after. In the next 2 hours, caught three more all between 34cm-35cm. Since blackfish isn't my primary target, so i didn't bother to burley. May have caught more if i did. Still zero luck with the SP and the water is getting a bit too high for this groynes. I managed to hopped to the next groyne before my feet get wet. Talked to 2 guys fishing on the beach in between, not much luck either. As soon as i staked out my blackfish rods on the second groyne, caught another 35cm blackfish. And that is very much it for the day. Talked to one of the guy lure fishing. He said he hooked 3 flatheads but 2 were too small and were release, the 3rd was 40+ but he failed to land it. Left early today as mum is complaining though i caught fish but never bring back in time for dinner. We steamed the smallest one for dinner and fillet the remaining three, deep fried them in batter and store them in the freezer for future snack. Just couldn't help myself hence grilled some for late super. Anyway, having another bash at the flathead tomorrow.
  6. No.no. that time i was fishing for kingies with the 25lbs line over at Port Kembla. Actually it was 35lbs line but i doubt that though as i bought it cheap online. With blackfish, i use 8lbs flurocarbon leader max and up to 15lbs as main. I did managed to pull in a 45cm lizard with this outfit. I still wonder what snapped my line... always the one that got away:)
  7. Thanks. I panic:( That reminded me one time, my reel took off like no tomorrow and i only apply enough drag so it won't break the line(25lbs) and at the end, i ran out of line... every time is a learning experience.
  8. Definitely good weed at the jetty but they won't last as they are too easily accessible to the blackfish and now to us. LOL. I also run around a bit looking for weed now-a-day especially during winter. Collect a large batch and they should last you a week. I found stringy weed is easier to keep than cabbage weed. But then fresh one is always better than staled one, that is probably what help you out-fish the person standing next to you. Maroubra Beach (Google map "-33.957066, 151.263816"). Mainly cabbage weed and almost always available. Sometime stringy weed can also be found. This is where people do blackfish(Rock) fishing but proper shoe and life jacket is a must. Park your car at Maroubra beach ("-33.951744, 151.255372"), take the track at Malabar Headland National Park. Somewhere pass half way at around ("-33.955413, 151.261483") where you can climb down. Little Bay at the rock("-33.979026, 151.251141") directly underneath the Golf course. Go down the beach, and walk along the cliff to your left. The only risk is getting your feet wet during high tide when picking the stringy weed off the rock at the bottom of the cliff. There are always some small cabbages on the rocks or groynes, they are just good. There is this fisho i met at the groynes over a year or two ago, he always bring with him a large bag of stringy weed. I got most of my weed location from him but not all i am sure as i can never find the same weed he got! Because every time he bring with him not only fresh weed but up to 3 different variety of the stringy weed. Can't out-fish him unless we are using his weed which he is happy to share.
  9. Now you mentioned it, that could have been a flathead that snapped my line. Cheers.
  10. Intends to fish the last 2 days but suddenly the wind speed went up hence didn't get to go until today. Wake up early to pickup some weed but had to wait til 6:30am when there is enough light to see. Which means i miss out the possible early tailor session:( I could use my headlight to see but it may upset some people living nearby. I guess i just had to make a point to get the weed a day early. Got to Ramsgate Beach at around 7:30am but had to first goes to Coles to buy some more toilet paper before the second wave of the panic-buy hit and not to mention Quilton 36pack is on special this week. So i didn't get to start actual fishing until almost 9am. I was hoping there is still some tailor wandering about but no such luck. Even with blackfish, nothing until half hour later. The float went down hard and i tried to strike but the bail arm won't locked properly. It was a complete disaster as the strike failed and i almost panic but luckily the hook set itself. But then the reel takes on drag as the fish feels REALLY HEAVY and i am losing line quick. I tried to tighten the drag to reduce the momentum but what a big mistake that was. I underestimate the power of my opponent and the line snapped! That could have been a 45cm+ blackfish. For the next 3 hours, there is a bite here and there but no hookup. There isn't much to do but to relaxed, snacking, enjoy the nice weather and the scenery. Here is something i spot on the surface of the water moving toward me. A patch of clam water among the waves. Does anyone had any idea of what it is? Anyway, back to fishing. I got a rod out with weed on paternoster rig. As i was winding it in, i feel something heavy. Wah-lah, what are the chance that i foul hooked a 45cm lizard while winding in my rod!? And i managed to landed it as well. Since i had no luck with blackfish today, i decided to put my focus on flathead using a Squidgy Black n Gold soft lure. It doesn't take me long to hook my first flathead but lost it the last moment as i slacken the tension while grabbing the net. It took me another hour to hooked and landed another flathead, a 50cm. Though there are more flathead around the groyne (as another fisho caught a 45cm while i was packing), I had enough with flahead and wanted to give blackfish another try somewhere.else. I tried the platform next to the groyne i was on, nothing except heaps of tiny minnow. Some duck liked birds is chasing the minnows but there is a group of seagull chasing these birds away as if they are protecting the minnow. Maybe protecting their food source?! I tried Sans Souci Park Jetty next as i wanted to check out the cabbage weed mentioned by @eladamrine that are available/reachable during low tide. And since i am there, i give the blackfish a try. No luck as I keep losing the weed on my hooks but at the end, i managed to hooked a 15cm blackfish which i release of course. While i am there, 2 full uniform fisheries officers are there checking everyone for their licenses and catches. This is the second time this year i encounter fisheries officer at this very location. As long as we are doing the right thing, there is nothing to worry about. Its windy, it is freezing and it is getting dark. It just mean time to go home....well the good news is...the flatheads are back.
  11. While my girlfriend and her friend doing baywalk, i fish at mine usual spot at Ramsgate Beach. We arrived at Ramsgate Beach at around 3:30pm. The girls went out to the groyne with me for a bit just to take some selfies and then left me alone to do my fishing. There are already 2 person there, hasn't started long either and not a bite yet. One is using bread to target trevally and another using prawns n pilchards to targeting whatever comes along. I am not at my usual spot as it is first come first serve rules, i had to burley heavily hoping to bring the blackfish to where i am. Nothing for an hour and the sun is almost behind the tree line. Though there are some bites here and there but no hookup. I am a bit concern as i bragged to the girls promising at least 1 blackfish for dinner. Then the float went down hard, giving me a 37cm blackfish. Lucky! It is getting a bit dark and my dinner already caught, i decided to join the other guy for some trevally fun. First few throws yield me 2 good size yellowtail scad and then nothing after. I would like to have send out the livey for something BIG but that would mean chance crossing the other two's guys' line. Nah, that would have be a nuisance so i give the livey option a miss. I later tried tailor using hard body lure, not a bite! Those 2 guys went home empty handed and me soon after with 'Salt n Chilli Fried Fish Fillets' for dinner as promised. My mum help with the cooking and went a bit heavy on the salt and the chilli are not as hot as expected. But luckily the fish are still quit tasty - moist and tender. Lesson learned - Don't let your mum cook for you if you intends to impress your girlfriends.:) ...and more chilli and less salt.
  12. Meant to goes on Tuesday as the condition are perfect but didn't due to work commitment. Then windy and raining the next day, no go either. Today's condition isn't perfect but forced myself to go out to get some sun the least. Still got the old weed meant for Tuesday but decided to get some fresh one and use the old weed for burley. Arrived at Ramsgate Beach at noon and was surprised that beach side parking area were now opened. Low wind but blew in from the ocean usually meant everything shut down from past experiences. And exactly that, not a single bite from blackfish, bait fish or those pesky little snapper. My blackfish float went down only after one hour later and landed a 30cm blackfish. And then nothing for the next 2 hours. Then i started getting bites again and landed a 34cm blackfish. Other fisho started to turn up. Two guys are lure fishing near my groyne and after almost an hour, they managed i think is a flathead and left. The flathead isn't big, probably just legal as it is too far to see. I guess something is always better than nothing to take home. I managed 3 more backfishes(29cm, 32cm and 35cm) during the next 2 hours. 1 hour before sunset, two more guys joined me the end of the groyne using bread fishing for trevally. It didn't take them long to score one legal trevally each and then it went quite for bit. Must be a school swim by and they didn't burley, the school disappear just as quick. Then the sun went down, so i gave up on blackfish and joined our friends chasing trevally. Instead of bread, i am using yellowtail flesh. Not as appealing to trevally but it should catch me something. And that something is a 24cm yellotail scad. I think i am a lot happier catching this yellowtail than a trevally. In all my blackfish trip, i always bring a small portion of yellowtail flesh with me for emergency(catching live bait) and today i am down to my very last pack. Catching this yellow meaning i got enough at least for the next four trips, so happy! Then hit after hit but nothing landed. Lost 3 hooks in a row to those pesky tailors, all decent weight. Got pi**, see the opportunity and shift to my hardbody lure quickly. And after 3 throws, i landed a 47cm tailor! And after that, landed a few more tailors but all undersized except one just legal and all released. All lights are out, time to go home. If it won't for those blackfishes in the live net, i may stayed a bit longer. But leaving them in the water at night may risk losing them all. In one occasion in the past, i left a tailor and a flathead (both quite a good size) in the live net at night. And when i fetch them out of the water, they are crawling with flesh eating sea roaches(i think that is what they are) like out of a horror movie. I had encountered this sea roaches a few more time, always at night and never pleasant experiences.
  13. Still couldn't get out of bed early as planned because of the cold weather. Missed the morning session but manged to get out after a nice lunch. After picking some weed (which is very scarce now because of the cold weather) and arrived at Ramsgate Beach at around 2pm. Beach banned had lifted but the beach front parking areas are still closed. A bit of extra driving to street park across the road. The weather is very nice. Nice and warm just so good to be out. Perfect wind condition, low wind and blowing outward. Low tide as expected, probably not as productive. And this is the cost of not getting out of bed in the morning. But then i was surprise to found the water a bit too murky, a bad sign for float fishing! I was so glad then that i didn't start in the morning as murky water = no fish. Luckily the water clear up a bit after an hour or so. There are plenty of nibbles but no hookup. Something really small, could be juvenile blackfish or just small sweeps. As i was about to call it a donut of a day, the float went down hard. Finally a blackfish to take home 36.5cm. Why .5 you may ask? I was so convinced it was 37cm. Over 36cm but no enough to be 37cm, and 36.5 sounded(felt) better. The nibbles continues and i went home before it gets dark. Still got enough weed for another bash tomorrow morning... if i manged to get up that is. PS. Another fellow fisho was there before me and he caught a good size trevally easily 34cm with worms or prawn.
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