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  1. Thank you I will try that tomorrow. thanks to all you guys for all your help 👍🏽
  2. Right side top spark plug was oily and on the left side it was the same but not to bad.
  3. You sent me one before, you helped me last time thanks mate.
  4. I have a water separate on now. We did a compression test and 2 we're 125 one was 126 and one was 124.
  5. @motiondave @XD351 HI guys I ordered the Gulf Western 2 stroke oil from Autobarn and I received my delivery today but they sent me Valvoline Marine 2 stroke, anyone had any experience with this or do you think it would still be ok. I wanted to check before I called them up. Thanks, guys
  6. Thank you guys I will definitely be going through this step by step, I'll try and put some photos up of the spark plugs too. Thanks again
  7. Thank you for the advice. So that foam inside is it better to remove it as it's getting all over the inside of the motor?
  8. While I have the time in lockdown I took the tank out and emptied it and there was a lot of rubbish inside the tank and fuel was very dirty and some water in there, we cleaned it out and will put it back in and fresh fuel and try the gulf western 2 stroke oil, just waiting for it to be delivered. Just a question since my tank in an in-floor tank and has the fuel cap in the back, is it best to mix it in a Jerry can and then fill it up, I'm guessing that's the safest way to make sure the mix is always spot on? Another question, my outboard engine cowling inside it has a foam and it's all coming off and little pieces everywhere if I remove this will there be any problems with that or Is it just mainly for noise reduction? Thanks again guys for all your help.
  9. Thanks, I’m in the Georges river LGA so I have some time on my hands now. So I will be emptying the tank and start fresh new tank of fuel and 2 stroke oil and check the spark plugs see how that goes. Thanks again guys for your help
  10. Thank you all really appreciate your help, I will put fresh fuel and try the gulf oil and see how it goes and let you all know.
  11. Thanks mate really appreciate the advice, I used penrite marine 2 stroke. Like one of the other guys said maybe empty the tank and put some fresh fuel in it also. So is gulf western the better option for 2 stroke oil? thanks again
  12. Hi thanks for the reply, mine is not a VRO.
  13. Thank you mate I will try that
  14. I definitely used two stroke oil, it was running great last time we took it out.
  15. Hi Guys Need some help, due to somethings happening I haven't been able to start my boat in over 2 months, I started it today and all this dirty oil water came out and on the side look like old was coming out of the side see the below video. I took it out over 6months ago and washed it and flushed it. If anyone can help me out if this means somethings wrong or do I need to take it out and open it up. I'm new to boating and repairs this is something for my son and I to learn on and update later on, so any help would be great.
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