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  1. Hey Wrx I originally considered this but because I don't want a "project" I have dismissed this idea altogether. I don't have time to do all of the maintenance myself and trades for repairs and even swapping out motors here in WA are very expensive, I have experienced this before with my old Caribbean. All of my extra time I want to spend on the water not in the shed if you see what I mean. You are dead right with your comments above with regards to a seaworthy boat with offshore capabilities and a 200 litre tank (although some Haines are a little less, but due to how efficient new outboards can be that should not be a problem). I do think the right boat will come along, quite like the look of the the new Haines Signature 640f but it will likely be a bit over budget with through hull transducer and 200 hp.
  2. Hi Rebel Thanks but as mentioned in the first post I am looking for FGlass not Ally.
  3. Hey Jeffb That Haines 650f sounds like it would be close to perfect for me! I just can't seem to find one available, I think your BIL was very lucky. I looked into the Stejcraft and they are a nice rig, I found the outboard size is small so I was left wondering if the hull was a bit lightweight the same as possibly the Revivals? Also they look a bit more of a cruising type with a bigger cabin, not as well geared up for fishing and a bit fancy for me haha! Best of luck if you go for the trade in
  4. Cheers WRX, love the look of the Southern Formulas and Evolution but they are quite a bit over budget, even the second hand ones of which there aren't many available, unless you look at boats ten years old. I don't really want to have to spend a heap on upgrading electronics etc. I agree with the hours on the motor, not too concerned with that but would like to purchase with warranty still in place for a bit of insurance. The hard part is finding that second hand boat, they just don't come up too often, I hope a member on here may come up with something that fits the bill at some point... Fingers Crossed
  5. Hey Dunc I don't know much about these apart from they have new owners and are relocating their factory apparently. It might be a long wait to get hold of one of these in WA, unless anyone knows different?
  6. Thanks Jiggy I've looked into these and apparently the hulls used to made in Oz but are now imported from China and do not have the best reputation.
  7. Hi Zoran Thanks for your input. I am really looking for a new boat or at most a couple of years old with Donk under 100 hours. I used to own a caribbean from the 70's with a merc 2 stroke and it needed constant maintenance so looking for less of a project if you get my meaning. It will really only be for 2-3 adult fishers and mainly for fishing offshore (so needs to be 6m plus for my own peace of mind) not too worried about size of cabin as I don't plan to use for over nighters, might put a portable toilet in the cabin in the foot well for a bit of comfort. I definitely don't want a Centre Console as the weather here in WA can get windy and choppy in the afternoons and prefer something with a bit more shelter (hard top would be great but a little out of my budget probably). I have looked at the revivals but was not that impressed with the build quality compared to Haines Signature, Haines Hunter etc., didn't feel as solid and I was not too happy with the open space in front of the passenger seat. I am not sure how they ride but they seem to be fitted out with smaller outboards compared to others in the same size so my guess was that the hull was lighter (quite happy to be proven wrong) and therefore needed less horsepower/torque to push it? No problem with the tow vehicle I have a prado with brake system installed already. Cheers
  8. Hi All New Member, long time visitor to Fishraider. I am looking for recommendations for a new boat and hoping I can get some members with experience to help or point me in the right direction. These are the specs I am looking for - fiber glass trailer 6m plus 150hp minimum up to 200hp maximum outboard fishing set up for Western Australian (metro mainly) waters Would like in hull transducer 600k and decent combo unit or individuals if there is room Budget 70k - 80k So far I have looked at Signatures, Haines Hunters, North Bank, Cruise Craft, Whittley. I am not really into the Yank boats and they don't seem to have new ones available here in WA very often/easily. I am not looking to go Plate Ally as I have been on plenty and prefer the ride of a fiber hull. Anyway if anyone has any ideas or recommendations it would be much appreciated. Cheers
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