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  1. Went fishing this morning in Manning Lake at Harrington on the mid north coast NSW today. Took the daughter and her grandparents. Anyway we caught this beast. I'm guessing it's a type of catfish but I can't find anything online that looks the same. Can anyone identify?
  2. Such excellent advice from everyone, really appreciate it. This is a great community. I took her down to the wharf again this afternoon and tried out a few of the techniques I'd been advised of from this thread and well what do you know, we caught one puffer fish after the other! The little one was absolutely stoked. We had a great time. She got to play with them in the bucket and I explained to her about why we release them back into the water, which she had great fun doing one at a time. And yep I reckon a yabbie pump will be next on the agenda and then we can progress to buying a couple of rods. Excellent suggestion about Camden Haven too, it is absolutely beautiful down there. Will no doubt be back again when I need another novice question answered haha. Thanks heaps to everyone.
  3. Firstly let me just put it out there that I haven't fished since I was about 7 years old (I'm now pushing 50) so I know virtually nothing. I take my 4 year old daughter to the wharf in Port Macquarie often. Recently when we were there, there were some kids catching pufferfish. My daughter absolutely loved it - the whole catching process and playing with them in a bucket of sea water after having been caught. The kids were using a shrimp trap with some squid inside it. They would submerge the trap about 6 feet from the shoreline in about 2 feet deep of water and catch 1 pufferfish approximately every 10 minutes. So I went out and bought a shrimp trap and some squid and have done exactly the same thing in the exact same place, and after multiple attempts/days have been unable to catch a single thing! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? What else I could do to improve my chances? Should I just go get a yabbie pump and start hitting the beaches? I just want to catch some small fish for my daughter and then release them back into the water. Any help/suggestions are much appreciated! (I tried creating this thread in the "Adopt a Learner" forum but the option is greyed out for some reason?)
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