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  1. @Will1702 Do you know how the Shimano Coltsniper BB 9'6" PE3 compares to the Palms Shoregun Evolve? The Coltsniper is about $290.
  2. @Rob81Yeah I've found some Varivas Avani Casting that is 40lb at PE2.5. When looking at Fluoro and Mono leader PE doesn't seem to be spoken about as much can you give me any advice on picking leader for a PE3 rod?
  3. @DrRaymondSnapper Just had a look at the Coltsniper BB 9'6", would 30-40lb braid be ok on a rod rated for PE3? Most rods have a PE range like 2-4 but this one only has a single measurement.
  4. Thanks @DrRaymondSnapper I was looking to shore casting lures and jigs at Kingfish, Jews etc in Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River. Maybe a 10' Prevail is too heavy for that purpose. I will look around at lighter outfits and possible short rods, I am not sure yet. Thanks again.
  5. @Rebel The 10' has 30-100g cast weight and the 9'6'' has 50-150g cast weight. Which do you feel is the better version?
  6. I was looking at getting the Penn Prevail II 10', 8-15kg, 30-100g casting weight. Do you think this rod is too heavy for continuous casting because it is composite and not just graphite?
  7. @DerekD @Little_Flatty What weight/size jighead and plastic should I be using for flathead? I was thinking (1/8 - 1/4, 3/0 jig head) and (3" - 4" soft paddle/curly tail)?
  8. Wow thanks for all the help guys, especially you DerekD. So I am still looking at my options but right now I am considering this setup. Rod: Atomic Arrowz Estuary AAS-70UL (7", 3-10lb line weight, 3-14g cast weight, Full graphite) Reel: Shimano Sedona FI 2500 Line: 8lb Braid (Backed with mono) , 8lb fluro leader Again thanks for your help and any suggestions you could add to this setup would be great. Cheers.
  9. Hi everyone i'm looking to buy my first rod and reel. I don't know exactly what I want to catch I just want to fish with lures and soft plastics around Sydney. I'm guessing I should start with a light setup as I don't have access to a boat? Here is what I was thinking... Reel: 2500-3000 not sure what brand Rod: TD HYPER 702ULXS (7", 1-2kg line, 1-5g Castweight) or TD HYPER 702LXS (7", 1.5-3kg line, 2-10g Castweight) Tell me what you guys think, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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