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  1. @Little_Flatty I’ve always fished fresh water so target species being Murray cod, trout and golden perch but I would like to get into saltwater a bit more also as I travel to Narooma a few times a year, mainly targeting flathead for the most of it. I currently have a Abu Garcia veritas tournament 7ft 2-4kg with a Shimano stradic 2500, I’m running 6Ib Berkley X9 braid I use this for my trout and perch and it’s perfect. I was given a 7ft 4-8kg salty stage as a birthday present and I love it was just curious whether matching it with a smaller reel and using it for my lighter fishing, I know a 1-2kg or 2-4 would be a better preference but this is what I got, and like I said I love so I just want to know whether I should use a bigger reel or it won’t matter. Cheers mate.
  2. Thanks mate @Green Hornet what should I look for when purchasing a rod in regards to Taper, guide size? as I said I’m new to this so I apologise for beginner questions, just trying to learn everything I can.
  3. I’ve just got given a abu Garcia salty stage 7ft 4-8kg spin rod, just curious as I’m new to this I’ll be using this rod for flathead I’m just wondering can I match this rod with a 2500 reel? I would prefer a lighter rod like 1-4kg or 2-4 but this is what I got, I just want to know if it will affect performance and if I should go bigger in reel size? Cheers.
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