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  1. Hi Waza, what versions are you referring to? I will give the halco twisty a go! Hi Greeen Hornet, I searched online for this one and I couldn't find many in Australia... looks like its a UK thing? Thanks for the tip, I normally take weight off the swivel when I have retried the lure. Some of the rocky spots from the headlands I fish look like they are full of snags so I try to avoid them, I will make sure to do this when casting from the beach however!
  2. Hello everybody, I am new to fishraider 😄 I'm looking to try a few lures in the surf, I live on the far south coast of NSW. I have a Alvey C62S combo (6 inch alvey and light 12' surf rod) with 10lb line on it. I'm happy to try for a variety of species, just wanting to experiment with something other than bait so the more options the better. What kind of lures should I look to get to target a large variety of species? Mostly going to be casting from the shore, and might give casting into the surf from the headland rocks a go if the wind is up...
  3. Your reports have given me great entertainment Keflapod. So much so that I decided to create an account to let you know. Hope to see more soon
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