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  1. Hey mate, I live in matraville I would be super super interested in this 👍🏻
  2. Thanks all for the help, is it worth buying a yabby pump and using as bait? I have seen some YouTube videos but never done it or used them as bait? Sounds like the perfect thing to do with my kids tbh! also, I do have a 4m kayak, is it worth paddling that down the river to what on Google maps looks like oyster beds and flicking some soft plastics or live bait around them? thanks again!
  3. Hey mate, No carp fishing for me here as I think I would struggle to knock them on the head as you guys do! it’s such a big scene in the UK with big prize money at stake. I was lucky enough to be a sponsored team and fished allover the country weekly. If you’re interested in that style head over to the tackle guru YouTube page where they make some superb videos on that style of fishing. The profile pic is a fish a I caught recently when I went camping near Forster and lucky enough hooked into this Kingy off the beach on a pilchard, I didn’t have a big enough esky with me though and it swam off to fight another day to the disbelief of others on the beach!
  4. Haha I’ll be land based sadly, haven’t got a boat - yet!! To give context I’m a Brit who’s been here 18 months and still adapting to Aussie fishing having being competitive match angler in the UK fishing for fresh water fish. happy to bait fish for anything that swims, preferably larger species if possible (wouldn’t mind being hooked up to a shark) but open to small fish to keep the kids entertained if they want to come with me, Or lure fish with soft plastics for flathead etc. Thanks for taking the time to help 👍🏻
  5. Hi all, I am new here, so hello! I am going camping at Patonga next weekend, can anybody please advise on fishing locations, techniques or target species in that area? Thank you!
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