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  1. dom

    New Boat

    I would like to thank every body for there responses ,yes the boat was new and i am refusing to sell the boat to someone else ,i cant emaginesleeping at night knowing i sold someone else this boat and they will be paying finance to have there boat sitting in the shop where they bought it plus the safety factor i bought it and all the gear i fitted it with outriggers and 50 wide shimanos which have not been used because i am to scared to go outwide with it. Would anybody like to buy this boat ,after i tell them the truth about it . Regards to all
  2. dom

    New Boat

    Dear fishraider members, In september o7 i bought my first boat after a fishing trip on hamilton island. i payed 5 times more than i wanted to spend,great salesman. In its first week second time i went fishing the fishfinder blew "small problem" Second week most times i would turn boat off it would not start again almost had to jump out and paddle to avoid jet cat and mountain rocks"starting to think boat might be a little unreliable" A week later boat was returned plugs were changed no problem found .A month later i was charged for the plugs250 dollars. Month 2 fishing live bait tank blows, fuel gauge has a differant reading every two seconds,fishfinder turns off every now and then when tired. Month 3 live bait tank pops of hinges and rear compartment of boat comes off bait swimming everywhere im furious ."somebody screwed directly into fibre glass did not put screws and hoped it would last till boat was out of warranty"boat was repaired crack where hinge came off wasnt guess thats up to me. month 4 antenna falls out of socket cable snaps "bad glue" rear left side of boat cracks from inside out"somebody sprayed fibre glass to thin" bait tank motor blows .Boat was repaired "it wont happen again we put a ten kilos worth around that week spot" Month 5 took boat out for two hours it is currently sitting in driveway BLOWN FUSES ELECTRICAL PROBLEM,CRACK TO BACK LEFT ,FINE CRACKES INSIDE BACK RIGHT,TRAILER HARNESS SNAPPED HAD TO TIE NOT TO PULL BOAT IN ,BLOWN BAIT TANK, FOULTY FISH FINDER I FORGOT FOLDAWAY CHAIRS WICH LEGS KEPT BENDING I WAS TOLD TO TELL PASENGERS NOT TO PUT WEIGHT WHEN MOVING WE ENDED UP PUTTING DOUBLE LEGS "I WEIGH 70 KILOS MY FRIENDS NOT MUCH MORE".NO ANTENNA WELL ITS THERE JUST NOT IN WORKING ORDER BOAT IS 6 MTHS OLD WHAT SHOULD I DO.
  3. i can not believe that people on this site are concerned with the fact that somebody is holding the fish closer to the camera to make there fish look bigger.What they should be concerned with is the problem of people not putting there pictures on this site as to not be picked on,there are so many good people associated with fish raider but seems to be a few drinkers .I like to see fish been caught the bigger they look the better the photo doesnt it go hand in hand with a fisherman the over extension of arms when discosing the size of the fish caught and last thing those brag mats make fish look small and dead ,could it be we have to also prove to each other our fish size i trust you all and hope you enjoy your fishing . good luck to all
  4. its not you 4000 members and two to three new reports a day ,one who has actually caught fish. ,for any one who feels bad about not catching fish every now and then i hire charter fisherman to take me fishing on my boat and we still catch nothing how do you think i feel 400 dollars later. I made the mistake the first time i fished was on hamilton island you caught so many so quick so big what a wild time so i came back to sydney and bought a boat what a mistake , good luck to everyone
  5. dom

    Port Stevens Fad

    thank you nexus for your information it will really help
  6. dom

    Fishing Weekend

    dont worry about report weather does not look good thank you
  7. dom

    Port Stevens Fad

    thank you fishlexic
  8. dom

    Port Stevens Fad

    cool if weather is ok i will give it a go , is there anywhere around port stevens closer to shore to trawl or fish for kings if weather is not in my favour
  9. dom

    Port Stevens Fad

    thank you all for your quick response do you think it is to early in season to be fishing out there just wanting to get away for the weekend thanks dom
  10. would any one know how far fad in port stevens is from shore have co ordinates regards dom
  11. im going away this weekend and would apprieciate some advice i live in sydney and will be heading up north tomorrow and was thinking of stopping in port stevens but have been reading bad reports would be willing to drive further. i have a 21 foot boat with outriggers and would like to fish for dolphin or king fish . regards domenic
  12. thank you ross for your reply i was heading out saturday got about 10 mile and headed back in it was to rough for my liking. i like reading your reports and will enjoy one day booking a charter with you. regards domenic
  13. i would love somewhere closer to go would you be willing to give some some gps spots closer to cruise around and chase some tuna as i am going to browns tomorrow morning and dreading it. if i catch fish at your spot i will book a day on your boat. regards dom
  14. dom


    thank you very much warnie very much appreciated dom thank you dave for time and thoughts on my subject
  15. dom


    heading out to browns on saturday just bought a new boat but it is only a 21 footer i am a bit concerned with 1.5 mtr swells could some one please give me some advice will it be very rough and how good do conditions have to be before i head out . boat is only few months old so is very reliable thank you
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