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  1. Also does anyone know if you can interface icommand gauges with the HDS using nmea 0183 instead of 2000?
  2. Does anyone know if you can use a LGC-4000 GPS receiver with a lowrance fish finder to effectively turn it into a chartplotter, i heard it somewhere but dont know if its true. i know you can use it to enhance a chartplotter's speed and accuracy.
  3. Went out yesterday to hit a few harbour markers, got on the water around 6.45. gathered live bait with ease, armed with dozen yellowtails, big southerns, arrows and even live cuttlefish. We decided to try a few markers starting off with the wedding cake near the starboard channel. Was a slow 30mins until the yellowtail got smashed, the tld 30 rod equipped with 50lb braid and 80lb leader set on full drag got absolutely smoked once the king saw the boat.. Tipping it was a metre plus hoodlum. Didn't get any more hooks up there until some surface action busted up close to us, bringing in a 45cm tailor on soft pastic,6lb line but nothing else. Moved onto to shark island area siting on the drop off between 6-8m.. Hooked another decent fish but ran straight down and was reefed within a minute. Had a few more hook ups and spat baits just out south head but couldn't boat a fish. Close to all hook ups were on yellowtails, not touching the live squid which was weird... Tried middle harbour on the way back for nothing once again. Ill post some photos later lads
  4. The old engine was 115hp at the prop, and got to 25 knots unloaded, since that the boat has had its floor thickness doubled and other hardware added.. although in saying that with the Etec now, we had it up to 40knots in still waters with 3 people, minimal gear. I have seen some flex while giving it a run, wasn't a large amount and only saw it going over swell at speed, though any is not good. Is there any other way of supporting or fixing the weakness rather than a rebuild, just the cost that has already spent on the boat steers me away from that option cheers for the replies
  5. Recently we have fitted a new outboard (150hp etec) to a 1970's 18ft cruise craft, which 6 years ago had a 135hp 1970s evinrude fitted. The newly done up boat (paint job and all) has only been out twice and during the second trip we noticed a crack developing on the drain hole of the splash pit, there is also a few stress cracks on the pit, though were there before the outboard was fitted. after further investigation i also found a tiny crack on the transom inside of the boat, although it looks like an old crack.. there are no other visible signs of cracking or splits. wondering if anyone else has had similar problems, know a solution cheaper than having a complete rebuild? Was thinking a checkered stainless plate? cheers
  6. Does anyone know a good, well priced boat painter? i'm looking to repaint my cruise craft before we put the new outboard on cheers
  7. Went out for a quick morning session, got to balmoral around 8am got all the yakkas we needed in about 15mins.. headed back into middle harbour, at a well known kingie spot around seaforth. After about 30mins the stradic goes off, 6lb line with a 30lb leader getting smoked, 15-20mins later she was in the net.. a massive 91.5-92cm in length and about 5.5-6kg (PB) not a lot after that a few rats smashing live yakkas around the 50s-60s
  8. Looking for an outboard for my cruise craft 550 looking for a 150hp, second hand (newish) or new would like a etec/evinrude but open for suggests anyone know of anything going around or anyone selling?
  9. the kings are everywhere.. its all about the bait and preparation
  10. middle harbour.. the pictures give it away.. haha
  11. Headed out today on two boats between the 4 of us. With fresh squid and fresh prawns we were looking good... A few rats on the surface taking everything in the berely trail except the unweighted baits.. took about an hour before they started to hit the light gear. A couple of bust offs on 6lb line.. With smart fishing I decided to put a small trailer hook on the 10kg outfit which worked well Most kings caught on prawns. total was 4 rats landed all around 60-64cms( all caught by me )
  12. been out a few times this week for squid to use as kingie bait and a feed.. overall i ive caught 8 in 3 short attempts (30mins-1hr sesh) today caught 3 big green eyes. one of them about 30-40cm hood saved 4 for next boat outting and ate 2 pics from today to come.
  13. nice mate was that you down there on saturday arvo?.. i saw you catching a few so i joined you p.s i was using a cheap brand i left my yamashitas are home..
  14. Gday mate I mounted my 50hp on to one of my boats without any problems just make sure you have the right height. If you have the motor manual it will show you where to measure from but if you don't, just clamp the motor to the boat as it would normally be.. and drill through the holes with a long drill piece that's a bit thicker then the bolts. to spread the weight of the motor i but down a sheet of stainless steel on the inside of the boat, which seems to be working. If your good with your hands you should be alright mate haha
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