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Narrabeen Lagoon


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Hi all..A newbie poster here.

I have been reading this forum with glee lately and it has stirred me back into some fishing action.

I have been living overseas for the last 8 years have missed my fishing sessions greatly.

Now that I'm back and living back on the Northern Beaches and reading all the great posts here,

I finally got my old fishing gear dusted off and took a few days off to toss a line into Narrabeen Lagoon, (my old haunt) :1fishing1:

Had some success with a few nice bream and the odd flattie and the usual for this time of year, some good sized whiting and lots of chopper tailor. BTW, I release everything I catch as I'm not a big fish eater.

Tonight I went down again to the area around the cricket nets to see if any flatties were lurking about.

I didn't manage to hook any, just the ubiquitous juvenile bream, (had about 70 of them in the last 2 days) and a couple of whiting but 3 blokes fishing 10 metres away from me managed one nice flattie and then one of 'em latched onto this monster lizard. :1yikes:

Well, he nearly crapped his pants when this giant leapt out of the water trying to throw his hook. He reeled like an organ grinder on heat and finally got this leviathan to the small beach. Having no net, his mate said 'I'll just grab your line and haul it onto the beach" and you guessed it, PING!! Splash!! :ranting2: and off it went back into the lake.

This monster had to weigh over 5 kilos as it's head was well over 20cm across and a body about 80 cm long.

It was right on the beach when he snapped him off and sped back into the briny faster than a jackrabbit.

It's heartening to know these monsters are still in this lake and I will be a regular back down there when I can to chase one of these lizards.

It was probably just as well he got away as these blokes were keeping and cleaning their other flattie and that huge fella (or gal) was most probably a breeder and better off still swimming.

Anyway, it's great reading all the posts here and thought I'd throw my 2 cents worth in..keep up the insightful postings. :thumbup:


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Good to know it went back, Shame they couldnt get better look!

From what i read, i keep telling my mates that narrabeen is the place to go for a decent lizard!

They wont believe me tho, and don't want to make the trip out there. im willing to have a go soon enough!

BTW :1welcomeani: to the boards Pete! Good on you for getting back into the game.

-Davy :biggrin2:

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