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I was up there in Oct......... where do you want to start!

There are so many places to fish its not funny.

I did a guided day out with "Anglers Choice" could not reccomend them highly enough (Zatch was our guide and what a champ he was!)

I am led to believe that spinning around the rocks in the harbour can be productive.

The tackle shop in town is well worth the visit too for info etc.

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I was just reading your post and thought the best way to get a good overall picture of barras in the NT would be to go the latest release of NAFA. Big thick mag it is and full of information.

Just a small suggestion.

Cheers mate

Anyone been fishing in darwin? I am going up there to work in May and have heard some good things about the barra up there. Any tips would be great as i have never nailed one before

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