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Bloody Awsome Session


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Well after school i decided to go fishing ahah :1prop:

got down fair late at about 5.

Anyway for the first 30 mins i got a few small small snapper but then things went wild!!

all started with a good bream af about 27cm.

and then ZzZZZz~~ goes the reel after a fun fight up comes a nice snapper a whisker under 30cm this Reaally suprised me for the harb.

Any way a few more bream later a real good run happens and an intense 3-4mins fight later up comes a king!! he was probly a tad under 60 but then took another run and the line hit the oysters. :05:

after that i managed 1 flatty, 2 leatheries, more small snapper and one absolute monster which would spooled me if i didnt hold the spool :( (big king possibly?)

All fish were taken on frozen (self caught) squid strips. & all fish were released.

sadly no photos because the camera died :1badmood:

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Top sesh mate those snapper fight soooooo hard. I caught one on a sx40 at the jetty at cronulla one night waiting for the bundeena ferry and I thought a was onto a monter bream, it was 27cm so back he went but I will never forget the fight.

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