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Broken Bay 23/2

Guest Big-Banana

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Guest Big-Banana

Gday fellas,

Headed out today from Brooklyn with intentions of catching a few liveys and heading wide for a Dollie or two. Didnt get far as the swell made it to uncomfortable. Couldnt catch many livies and only got small bream, snapper and mados. But we headed to a mark or an apparant wreck around 2 and 1/2 km wide of Barrenjoey.

We fished for about an hour and a half. We caught 6 Salmon to about 65 cms, 3 tailor to about 50cm and plenty of undersize snapper. Suprised thatg we got Salmon on the bottom. Had a livey on top and on the bottom without any luck.

Sea made it to uncomfortable so we heading in around 11:30am. Good to get out.


PS Went out the other week and got 3 good solid stripeys and 3 dollies. Theres a bit of action happening wide of the FAD at the traps. Saw a guy with a 20Kg Jew also.

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