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Narrabeen Lakes


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I took my 7 year old down to the lakes today, to have a go at catching a feed. The plan began with the intention to take the Tinny out, but that was met with a lot of reverse smiles by the wife. Anyway, we went down to the end of the street just south of Devitt St. I had picked up some prawns from Narrabeen Bait and Tackle, which normally seem to be better than the stuff at the servos.

This was always a day about my boy, and the focus was on a bit of fun. Basically we fished peeled prawns for a few throwaway bream, and a Garfish. However it is worth noting that there were mullet everywhere (to 15cm), and literally 1000's of young fry around the banks. A trap with some bread, for live bait, would have been the go. My son also got bitten off by a small tailor, at least that's what it looked like. We were fishing 8lb line, with small hooks, possibly No.10, with floats.

There were fish feeding every where, with silver flashes and splashes all around us. The time was from around 10.30am to 1.30pm. I wouldn't mind wetting a line there in the evening, given the action. I did try some SP's (green colour) for no result. We gave our left bait to 3 Asian looking guys who were about to start up as we were leaving. I hope they got something.....

It was great fun for my boy, and one more step towards getting him hooked!!!!

Happy Fishing!!

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