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Hawkesbury River 27/02---03/03

Guest Boppa

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Guest Boppa

Gday All

As you may have read in a previous post I stated that I was going to camp up the Hawkesbury for a week...........well this is what happed

Day one

Loaded the boat up early but not too early as it was meant to be a holiday.

Loading the boat up with swags, food, tucker, fuel, water and other well needed things I was wondering where I was going to sit

Anyway off to Appletree bay put the boat in and locked the car and trailer up in the garage for the week and we were ready to head off.

Putted outside of the 4 knot limit and pushed the revs up and at that time realised there was no way we were going to get on the plane.

So it was going to be a slow bloody trip, we moved gear around and tried different trim etc but no joy

But in moving the gear around we had unearthed the beer esky and well you know what happened next

Cut a long story short it took us 3 hours to get to the campsite beach behind Bar Island and a few beers as well

Set up camp drank beer, ate and discussed fishing plans for the next day.

Day two

Awoke at about 5.30 and after a quick cuppa and feed into the boat and headed for Broken bay to get some bread and butter fish (flatties) before we chased other species.

It was going to be a run in tide till about 10am so we were looking forward to fishing both tides.

Well the wind just wasn't told about our plans. On the run in tide it was from the s-sse and when the tide changed it turned as well to the N-NE.

Well we tried every which way to get a drift working but no way was it happening, but we still managed to get 2 Flatties and a good bream. and had a few beers

There was a heap of Squire around as well being a pain

We pulled the pin about 2pm and headed back to base to console ourselves the only way I know

Day 3

Was pretty much a direct imitation of Day 2 except we tried Gunyah,Juno and other spots but no joy was found.

Mate had turned up in his boat and tried going around Barrenjoey but it was just too rough.

There was a heap of BIG black storm clouds around and we heard Gosford was copping it as well as us

Pulled the pin and headed back for more consoling.

Arrived back at camp and spent the next 3-4 hours sheltering from the torrents that were coming down

Cooked a piece of Lamb on the portable battery operated spit and enjoyed that with more beer and bullshit

Day 4

Headed out with full intentions of giving our all, only to be greeted with the bloody wind again and the chop to go with it

Got sort of a drift going from Flint and Steel and managed my first keeper of the week a flattie about 640 with a big gut that turned out to be a bloody good sized sqid

Old mate got one about 550 and we pulled the pin as the wind was giving us hell and mate was calling out for RALPH (didn't know he was on board )

We headed up to try Berorwa creek to try and managed a real good Bream and then back to camp to drink to the last nite

Last day

Was just pack up and head back home, couldnt still get back up on the plane but mate took some gear on his boat and was good

Great trip, great camping spot, great mates and lots of beer to cool the frustration

Will do it again

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Sounds like a great way to spend a week up the Hawkesbury and enjoy the ambience of it all even if the weather was a bit chitty

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Boppa, I've had more than a few trips disrupted by the weather gods :mad3:

which must be why we always take so much beer :drunk:

Must have been good to get away at any rate

Would have thought the boat would have got up on the plane going home seeing as it must have been about 1000 VB's lighter :biggrin2:


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