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G`day Fellas ,

Arriving at Saltwater for a spot of Worming today , What greeted The Boys was , a Solid Steel Gate , securely padlocked , Barring all beach access.

The NP& Wildlife are responsible for this particular move , and Locals here believe its the Ist of many closures in this area.

What got up everybodys nose most was , there was no signage , explaining the reason for it.

One would assume that common courtesy would dictate a notice in the local paper , for a serious closure such as this .

The well informed whisper is , "The beach front from Wallabi point TO Farquar Inlet ( The entrance to the Manning River ) will be off limits to all 4X4 access , and fishermen as well .

I`m told the Farquar Park picnic ground has been closed to the public for some time .

If this is true , then 40% of the residents now living here , will most likely move elsewhere , because all bought houses here yonks ago , just for the fishing .

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That sux Mick. :1badmood:

I'll ring the old boy tomorrrow morning and get back to you if I he has anything to add.

There surely has to be a reason behind it. :wacko:

Looks like I won't be needing my 4WD beach permit renewed and there is no way I'm renewing again just to be able to drive on Crowdy Beach............hmmmm, Crowdy Bay is already a national park maybe that beach is next and won't that upset the natives. :1yikes:

Anyway, let's hope it's just a misunderstanding but somehow I don't think so. :(



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G'day Fellas!

I've just been on the phone to NPWS at Taree and they have informed me that the gate is not a permanent closure & should only be locked if the creek is flowing, restricting 4WD access, which I guess is understandable, however they did say that the gate will be locked at all times during the peak holiday periods. This particular gate has been installed for the upcoming Easter holidays because and I quote "It is in the best interest of Public Safety"

Hooky, over this side of the river our access road to Crowdy is not on NPWS land so a similar gate will not be installed, might be a different story when the Marine Park goes through though.



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