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absoloute wankers. I was a couple of rows in front of the brawl - felt really sorry for the old bloke that got clobbered. :thumbdown: They really need a bigger police presence and get some security guards that are capable of doing someting when something gets out of hand. Some of the security are probably in their 60s... how stupid is that? I also saw one security guard at the front of one of the bays that looked about 14 or 15 and weighed about 50kg - good luck stopping an all in brawl!

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Im a Doggies supporter also,and am sick and tired of these

thugs,who seem to be intent on going to a footy game

and starting a fight.Its Lebs vs Ausies again,Cronulla Beach

Dec 2005 all over again.What happened to harmony week?

I know Lebs who cant wait for the 1st Doggies vs Sharks game,

they wana bash or see Aussies get bashed.What a pack of stupid

clowns.Are we gonna end up like they do in other countries,where

soccer hooligans have forced teams to play some games in empty

stadiums.What a joke that would be.

And before anyone replies to this post saying im rascist against


I am a Aussie our friends,a couple of my best mates are Lebs,and I employ

4 Lebs at work,and they are gentlemen,and three of them are Doggy

supporters,who were also disgusted at their fellow Leb countrymen

behaving like thugs.

The courts should start sending some of these clowns back overseas,

after they've done some time behind bars,thats if the police catch

them 1st.

:1fishing1: Penguin.

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G`day Fellas ,

I think it`s about time to deal with these Bullydogs once and for all.

Its obvious to me , that the club themselves can`t or won`t exercise in house "Crowd Control" , and so I think its about time for The bully-dogs to sit out a year .

Now before everybody starts jumping up and down wringing their hands , just think for a second , how you would feel , if your brother , or "SISTER" for that matter , was kicked to death for watching a game of Footie for christ sake.

Don`t tell me , that the legitimate Fans at that match wouldn`t know the names of that disgusting brain dead Rabble , and where to find them.

FELLAS , These Goons are not a bunch of over excited fans , These People are future Killers !!!!.

Sooner or later it will happen , the aftermath of The cronulla riots clearly proved to the whole country that they Have no fear or respect for anything , so how cheap is a life .

And when your photo is posted on Page 3 of the Telegraph Sports Page Punching the shit out of a female , then it`s time to act in my opinion.

Huh , but knowing the Fat Cats of the NRL , nothing will happen , perhaps a few points deducted from the Club will appease the majority , but only a fine of say ....$ 250, 000 ... seems to get the attention of this lot sadly.

I say , Dont fine them , Flick them, and give the Game back to the spectators and their families who used to own it untill this lot came along .


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