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Kingfish And Travally?


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I remember seeing on a old episode of 'escape with et' that he said that kingfish were actualy related to the travally family??

is this true??

i know they put up a similar huge fight, so it could be true but they dont look nothing alike..

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yes they are actually... also related to yakkas, rainbow runners, amberjacks and darts


Alectis indica Diamond Trevally

Carangoides caeruleopinnatus Onion Trevally

Carangoides chrysophrys Longnose Trevally

Carangoides ferdau Blue Trevally

Carangoides fulvoguttatus Turrum

Carangoides orthogrammus Thicklip Trevally

Carangoides plagiotaenia Barcheek Trevally

Caranx ignobilis Giant Trevally

Caranx lugubris Black Trevally

Caranx melampygus Bluefin Trevally

Caranx sexfasciatus Bigeye Trevally

Elagatis bipinnulata Rainbow Runner

Megalaspis cordyla Finny Scad

Pseudocaranx dentex Silver Trevally

Seriola lalandi Yellowtail Kingfish

Seriola rivoliana Highfin Amberjack

Trachinotus coppingeri Swallowtail Dart

Trachurus declivis Common Jack Mackerel

Trachurus novaezelandiae Yellowtail Scad

Ulua mentalis Longrakered Trevally

Uraspis secunda Cottonmouth Trevally

thanks for that, very interesting

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