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Moruya River


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Gday, all

I am heading down to Moruya on the south coast in a couple of weeks and was hoping someone may have fished the river before. Will be fishing out of my 3.9 V-Nose punt with a bow mount electric.

I am keen to fish for Jew, also maybe a few blackfish along the breakwalls + the compulsory bream and flathead spinning with SP's.


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G'day Burnsy,

At the right times the Moruya fishes well all though it is a very wide and open waterway which unfortunatly means that it is pretty much constantly blowing straight through it. This though shouldn't deter you from fishing it. It is fishing well for EP's, Bream, Big Flatties and some great size trevors at the moment. Not sure how the Jew are there ATM.

If you are looking for a bit more pleasant days fishing I would recommend heading 10 minutes further south and hitting Tuross. The place is going off it head at the moment with meter plus Lizards and no shortage of cracker Jew and kilo plus bream ( both silvers and Butchers).

If yo do hit Moruya early morning is best. EP's around road bridge, Bream everywhere, and those big trevors mainly around the old racks in the shallows.( hint: Surface, surface, surface :1fishing1: )

Good luck and happy fishing


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Thanks Mitch, I had not even considered Tuross, it looks pretty good on the map. I am staying at a Caravan Park at Moruya with a boat ramp about 40ft from the cabin.

I am a Lizard a Holic so if there is the chance of a big lizard at Tuross I am keen as mustard. If you have any more specific info send me a PM rather than broadcasting it.



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