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Lake Mac .


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post-705-1143584111_thumb.jpgHeaded off to try a couple of new spots that i've been keen to give a go. The missus gave me her order of a bream and a crab so that was the priority, on arrival i threw over the nets and to a drop off not far away. Did a drift over it for 6 whiting all just under size :( gave it another try and had a nice run which produced a nice healthy bream of 34 cent. :bump0ee: Shortly after another hit from a similar fish which was lost at the boat, my fault, gave it to much slack while groaping for the landing net :05: Next couple of hours i was just feeding small snapper and whiting so decided to pull up the nets. Scored 3 crabs one nice sized male and 2 females which went back over the side.All in all 4 hours of fishing and the wifes order has been filled great weather what more can you ask for.Gonna go home and have a couple or 3 :beersmile: Cheers all.
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