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Botany Bay April 2


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Woke up this morning and it looked like a perfect day so decided to head out for a run. ITs been a long time between drinks.

By the time I got the boat and to the ramp the wind had started up, but I thought I would keep going anyway. Decided to try and stick to the sourthen edges to avoid the worst of the wind.

I was greated with chocolate brown water all the way out till the oil wharf, plus a decent swell rolling in through the heads.

I anchored at watts reef to suss out the conditions and try for a livie. No livies about, but I realised the wind was almost pure west so I headed over to the container wall for some protection.

I fished the bottom and floated some baits down for 1 30cm bream (see pic).

Fished off over around Towra trying for a flatty on plastics but they didn't want to play today.

Decided to head home when the wind started picking up again from the South.


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