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So Where The Bloody Hell Are They


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G`day Fellas,

For the 3rd day In a Row , we drove up the beach in pusuit of Tailor.

Arriving at the spot below , you could distinctly feel a sort of tension in the air , a sense of something about to break big time .

Lawrie can be seen spinning for Tailor in front of a ripper of a gutter , next to a deep hole.

The spot looked highly productive , but we never lost a bait in the short time we were there , so we moved further up the beach looking for birds working , but there were none.

Lawrie suggested we should slip down an pull some worms tomorrow morning , and try for Jews on dusk that Arvo .

And As you would expect , He got no argument from me.


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G`day Fellas ,

Yeah Hi Monds , The big fella had to got to town this morning , so No worming today.

But there is a eerie feeling out here that all Hell Is about to break Loose with the Jews .


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