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Spiderwire Fusion


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Hi Guys,

I've been using Spiderwire Fusion in 6lb Flouro Yellow for a little while now and must say I'm extremely happy with the way it performs except one thing.....

It lost all it's colour after one trip into the salt. I'd only used it catching Bass in the Nepean up until the weekend.

In the fresh it lost a little colour but after our trip to the Georges on Saturday it's now grey!!!! :thumbdown: This isn't exactly what I expected from a "hi-vis" line :thumbdown:

In all other aspects I'd say its actually better than Fireline - casting, laying on the reel etc etc. It's very smooth, holds knots very well and doesn't have that stiffness that fireline sometimes has when new.

So... have I got a bad batch here or does it always lose it's colour very quickly.

Interested in how others have found it.



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Guest Chinamen

hey buddy

with the colour loss I do seem to have the same problem but not as dramatic :05:

fire line does the same but i think fire line looses less colour as it is fused into one line where spider fusion can still be seperated into strands when you cut it

I have smoke grey in the fusion 10lbs used about 20 time still retain half it's colour

I really do like the spider fusion too but... i noticed that fireline has the character of mono and doesn't tangle into birdnests when u try casting towards new zeland

but spider wire it's not as resistant to rocks and sharp edges compared to fireline

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Wen fireline is used on rocks and rough surfaces doenst it just rough out the line? but does it actually do any damage to it? or does this only happen to mono if it gets damaged?

well anywayz i've been using fireline and it only loses a bit of its color, not that much of a deal anyway, oh yeh about how many times does it take to make the fireline less stiff ? mines still fairly stiff.

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