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Finally Put A Face To A Name


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G`day Fellas ,

Many of you may have followed the exploits of "Heath" from the Gold Cost" on Sportsfish and other sites , and like me also , you may have received assistance or advice on a number of matters from Fishing to Gremlins in your PC`s.

Over the last 5 years or so , I have enjoyed reading his posts covering his outings with his family fishing the Gold Coast , and none better than the rivalry between he and his Dad , also obviously an accomplished fisherman.

Well , it was a pleasure to get the call that he was Visiting Family here , and could we meet.

Meet we did , and although he was on a tight schedule , we managed to swap a few stories of local legends , and I pointed out some spots and conditions , should he actually be able to manage to wet a line , but I don`t think he managed to do so.

Fellas , eat your hearts out , because just before leaving , he presented me with two Fishing DVDS , covering 6 odd years of home movies fishing from his boats .

Some of the catches by " Heath " , his Family and fishing buddies , were to dream for , and even the bloopers were as good as if not better than " Funniest Home Videos" .

Heath , it was nice to meet you at last , and thanks for the help over the years , and especially for the home videos , which are currently doing the rounds of Old Bar .

Safe Journey back to the Gold Coast .


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