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Hi All

I have decided on the new boat and it is going to be a 4.3 TR series Elegant. :happy: :thumbsup: ( yes I''m a little bit excited but 12 weeks delivery :yikes: )

Now the decision of electrics needs to be made.

Up the front I am leaning towards a Minn Kota 55lb Autopilot with a built-in transducer teamed up with a Lowrance X67c sounder.

For the main sounder / GPS I have no idea, as I have never owned a sounder in the past. Is it better to get separate GPS and Sounder or are the combo units ok??

The boat is mainly for bream and bass fishing with the occasional run out side, weather permitting of course.

What sounder and GPS units everyone using?? Are you happy with them? What would you upgrade to given the chance?

Budget is around $1000.

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G''day Jethro,

I think you may struggle to get a combined sounder/GPS unit under $1,000. However you could purchase them as individual units.

I had a look at the Lowrence range at the Boat Show and I was impressed by X125. This sounder had more features then you would ever be able to use and offered well defined images on the screen. I think the RRP was $599.

You should also look at the Lowarance Hand Held GPS'', I think they would be adequate for your needs. I''m pretty sure that you could pick one of these up for less then $350.

Check out Lowrance

It''s hard to sleep at night when you know there''s a new boat on the way isn''t it??

Good Luck


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Thanks Bluewater

I have had a bit of a look at the Lowrance range and they look good.

I have also been looking at the Eagle Seacharter 480DF Sounder / GPS. We just bought one in from the states for one of my mates and it cost around $650 door to door.

I think I will end up bringing in something from the good old USA.

I am going to sign the papers on the new girl tonight then the 12 week wait. Thats going to be the killer. The missus says she can keep me busy for 12 weeks with house work because after that she thinks she is going to be a widow :D

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G''day Jethro

I upgraded to the Matrix 37 and it has proven to be a great sounder for what I like to do. It has excellent clarity (b/w) for bottom definition etc and the GPS screens are awsome for trolling etc. In aussie they are around $550 at the moment for the sounder and the GPS aerial is about $300. Of course by importing u can get things much cheaper but beware of the warranty issues.

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84 more sleeps sounds better :D

Thanks Rick. At this stage its a toss up between a Matrix and a Eagle.

Warranty is a problem if it stuffs up. But at half the price if it costs to much to fix here you can always buy another one. :ohyeh:

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Warranty is a problem if it stuffs up. But at half the price if it costs to much to fix here you can always buy another one. :ohyeh:

Very good point Jethro :ohyeh:

Its probably an old age thing, I like picking something up as soon as I hand over the $$. I have been stung with customs duty a few times importing stuff and am now happy to pay a bit more for the gaurantee that I''ll have no hassles later on if something goes wrong. My 3 month old stradic''s roller bearing seazed last week. put it in the shop and had it back 2 days later at no cost :thumbsup:

Good luck with your choice and look forward to seeing your pride and joy when she is all set up :boat1:

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Customs and freight won''t be a problem on this one :naughty: . One of my mates has organised it to come out through his work for nix.

Just have to find out if they do Meters as well as Feet and temp.

Anybody know if you can change the settings??

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most of the high end sounders are adjustable from feet to metres...

i bought a new humminbird sounder 515 just for the front end of the boat straight from the US, it cant be changed to metres or Celcius for the water temp. I knew this thats why the price was right :D The lowrance is used for speed, temp etc which is adjustable both ways, that one was bought here.

So just make sure you can change it before you order it.

I was contemplating about getting a matrix with GPS but when i thought about it properly i would never use a GPS in the areas and the fishing i do, Pontoons and moored boats dont moove very often :D

I would never go outside in a 4M boat anyway so it pointeless to have one on my boat.


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