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Same Bait, Same Boat, No Fish...

Guest johblow

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Guest johblow

Gidday one and all.

Had a work fishing trip yesterday in the hawkesbury, and what a day for it! The weather was just spot-on. We had two boats, but for some reason we can't work out, one boat caught 11 of the 12 keeper fish. I had the unfortunate pleasure of being in my own boat (which caught 1 keeper). We were drifting at Juno after pumping yabbies for both boats. We were drifting together pretty much, side by side, about 30m apart, for most of the day.

The total bag was:

4 flounder

2 whiting, including a *really* good one

1 bream

5 flatties

The even wierder thing is that i have been out in identical circumstances for previous 2 weeks and done really well. We were seriously getting to the point were we were gonna get the other boat to bait our hooks!!!

Any similar experiences?

On a different note, we spotted this moving shape about 10m from our boat that looked like a plastic bag frolicking in 6m of water. Eventually we worked out that it was a crab, and got over to it landing net in hand in record time. It was a bewdy blue swimmer, one of those nice big ones that you dont see in fish shops much. Any how i got the net down there as it was starting to sink itself, and the smarty pants bugger pulls out both claws and fends off the net, and then sinks out of site. I almost jumped in after him... damn!!! What can i say, the blue swimmer was just too good on the day. If that ever happens again i may be a bit more successful.

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