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Sow And Pigs Surprise


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The other saturday morning three of us ventured out in the harbour for an “early start” with some very clear goals, me to catch a personal best king, the other two to catch their first Kings.

There was a real sense of urgency about us all knowing that soon Kingies will became two thin on the ground to target and the lure of wearing stupid trousers to chase little white balls although snake infested bush overwhelms us and lads golfing weekends push fishing into and even smaller window of opportunity.

With that in mind Hamish turns up at the marina totally unprepared one hour late only then to realise we don’t have the keys for the boat (never trust the Scotts). After a blizzard of four letter words and ironic laughter we finally hit the water at 8.30!

By 8.30 the early bird may well have got the worm but as a result of boredom whilst waiting for the keys to arrive and a huge degree of luck we have 5 of the biggest squid I have ever seen swimming around and esky. Result!!!! Squid = Kings guaranteed, right?

After having our precious squid baits torn to shreds at the wedding cakes and other navigating markers by ravenous leather jackets hope off kings started to fade and talk of the evening’s activities started creeping in to conversation.

In a last desperate bid for kings we hit Sow and pigs and burlied hard with all the bait we bought and hadn’t used due to our chunky squid.

Very soon I had boated Trevs, Bream and lost a couple of suspected rats in the trail whilst Hamish had been smashed on the top of the reef on Squid. Things were certainly looking up until phones started ringing with inpatient ladies on the other end applying unreasonable time pressures on our fun.

With last cast called Hamish having cast a squid head to one of the markers screams he’s in. It was a slow and powerful straight run over the top of the reef with no sign of wanting to do 8 laps of the maker. It wasn’t a king then it must be a ray, or maybe a jew? who knows?

After 5 mins of fair fighting we have colour, but still inconclusive, it’s a fish we know that, it was a “fish shaped” fish like you used to draw as a kid and certainly not small. With King, ray and Jew out of the equation I was stumped, you don’t get 10K bream, and it wasn’t red enough to be a snapper.

As I grabbed the net and Hamish muscled the fish it up into full view I finally clocked on what it was, obvious when you think about it, what the most common big fish you see when you are snorkelling?

With more luck that better judgement we some how managed to squeeze the huge blue/grey body into my inadequate (now ruined) landing net first time to reveal to the now elated captor his personal best fish at 10K plus groper!

After a couple of snaps back he went to the sound of a smug Jock practicing his heroic story of "how he bust his personal best by a mile" ready to deliver to the pub audience later in the evening.

Once again cant get the photo up and if someone can help I have plenty.

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