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Wind + Fishing = Bait For Dinner!


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What a shocking arvo fishing boys! The wind on the pier was like a cyclone and the only thing I caught was wind burn on my ears!

You know when there's no point sticking around for long when you have the same prawn on your hook for 1/2 an hour with not so much as a lick on it!

There was one point where I though I had a big 'un and a few people got very excited, others who had obviously been there a while with no action looked pretty miffed that this chick who had only just sent her hook down had caught something rather huge! I played the part, all the advice you fellas had given me during the week running around in my head, slowly reeling it in and getting very excited when it seemed to be fighting back! Every time I reeled it in a bit, I noticed the line went back out a little. Yay! I thought and was getting very excited when some smart arse shattered the dream with 'I think you have caught your hook on something'. I'm thinking "well, der, isn't that what happens when you go fishing?" and the other people were laughing I felt like such a wally!

I got my glove on and pulled the line up with my bare hands. It came up a lot easier than my efforts with the rod and reel and when I saw the hook, there was no prawn on it! I like to think that the bugger that I had hooked on my line got away with his dinner rather than while my line was wrapped aroung a stump of the pier and I kindly catered to the ever abundant pufferfish who had a quick snack off my hook!

I have decided not to go fishing when it's windy (is that a fair comment?) especially as nobody else caught anything, even the fellas with the 20ft casting nets were only catching thin air! It's also a bit tormenting when the wind hits your sinker and you think you've got a bite!

I tried to attach a pic of my little doozy girl having a go but it said I only had 7.3 mb space!! :throw:

Never mind.

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Guest bluecod

The wind on the pier was like a cyclone and the only thing I caught was wind burn on my ears!


Fishing in a strong wind can be real tough, particularly from a height such as a pier. The extra bow in your line makes feeling the bites that much tougher.

One spot I occasionally fish [in an estuary] never fishes well unless it has been blowing hard on-shore for most of the day and then only fishes well after the wind has dropped off. The wave action stirs up the available food and the bream come in looking for food after the wave action drops off a bit.

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Bear in mind that there was 7.3MB of 'global' space available, not 'personal' space!! So, we need to keep pics low res and smaller in size for all users to share that available space. The link below tells you how to do that. http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/inde...t=0entry93752



PS: I know fishing in the wind can be hard, I seldom venture out when it's anything over 5 - 7 knots. Bookmark http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/qld.asp which gives you 7 day wind, wave and tide forecasts in QLD.

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